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Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery extends far beyond the residential treatment program, and therefore we offer a 1-year aftercare program that is free. For our graduate’s the weeks, months or even year following initial treatment can be the most difficult. The risk of falling back into addictive behaviours and self-destruction is a real possibility for many. Thankfully, relapse is preventable. Research has shown that people who receive effective services and support after leaving treatment are most likely to be successful in their recoveries. Through a dedicated partnership with our graduate’s and their family’s, combined with our ongoing support, life-long recovery can be achieved.

Addiction Rehab Toronto offers an aftercare plan built into each treatment plan. During the inpatient recovery phase our client`s initiate change in their life. The aftercare program is the maintenance of this change. This includes, but is not limited to, weekly online correspondence, weekly on-site one-on-one counselling, outpatient counselling, 24/7 phone support and mandatory attendance to key Addiction Rehab Toronto weekly/monthly events. Our graduates are also welcome to join any scheduled group counselling sessions, at any time.

Our aftercare program also includes support for the family of the recovering graduate. It is important to ensure that not only is the recovering addict learning to manage their new-found life, but also those closest to them. The family program during aftercare can be a continuation of the family counselling and therapy from inpatient treatment if required. This depends on the paticular needs of the client and their family. Aftercare services for the family can include private one-on-one counselling sessions with family members (spouses, partners and children), group family therapy, and Addiction Rehab Toronto facilitated educational seminars/events to help family members understand addiction and recovery.

Our aftercare program includes a 100% guarantee on recovery, where we will take you back for free if relapse occurs (for up to 1 year).

Contact us today at 1-855-787-2424 or at for more information about our addiction recovery programs, including aftercare.

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