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drug rehab cost in Quebec

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost In Quebec?

There is always a steep price to pay for drug addiction. Apart from ruined lives, rehabilitation costs can also be difficult to manage, both on the afflicted and their loved ones.

Let’s take a look at the United States as an example, where it’s been established that the rehabilitation costs outweigh the cost of maintaining an addiction. Treatment per patient is billed at $1,583, and Methadone treatment, individually, costs $6,000 per year. This is compared to the annual cost of $3,500 that opioid users pay to maintain their addiction.

It’s very similar in Canada, where private rehabilitation also tends to be costly. To give you an idea, the rates for various facilities in and around Quebec are below.

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Factors that may affect drug rehab cost

There are several factors that may affect how much a patient is required to pay for their treatment.

Type of addiction

One key factor is the type of addiction the patient is dealing with. The most common ones are dependence on alcohol, illicit drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine, opiates, and prescription medication. Some facilities include behavioural addiction like gambling, sex, eating, even video games.

All of these cause intense cravings, withdrawal, and relapse, but every individual reacts differently to each one. Therefore, the amount of treatment involved and the corresponding costs will also vary.

Length of treatment time

The longer a patient spends time in drug rehab, the more he or she will be kept an eye on, which speeds up the recovery process. However, it also affects the overall cost.

The length of treatment time will depend on whether an individual receives inpatient or outpatient therapy, following the severity of the problem. In-house treatment is costlier, as it includes the use of resources in the facility and round-the-clock care.

Another factor to consider is whether or not patients experience polysubstance dependence. It is when patients experience psychological repercussions from their substance use. If that’s the case, a whole new set of treatment is required, adding more to the cost.

The scale of a rehab center

Another factor to consider is the scale of the drug rehab center. Larger establishments are expectedly more expensive; given the broader range of facilities, they offer.

These places are designed for the added comfort of the patient in terms of the environment. Some even offer a wilderness setting to give patients the chance to be one with nature.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient costs

As mentioned, inpatient treatment costs more than outpatient programs. If a patient is required to be in-house, it means he or she is dealing with more severe issues and needs 24-hour assistance. They are required to move away from their original habitat, which includes likely triggers for their addiction.

To break it down further, the average inpatient treatment service costs around 650 CAD per day for the first month. On the other hand, outpatient treatment may lie in the ballpark of up to 500 CAD per treatment session, wherein patients are required a few visits to the therapist’s office in a week.

Government vs. Private Facilities

The primary difference between government and private institutions is that the former is free of charge, as long as you are a citizen of the country. But there are also disadvantages to the zero expense setup, mainly with the delay in services.

Since there is an influx of patients availing the government-funded option, they are all welcomed by a long waiting list. Public facilities also lack the personalized attention that private institutions offer.

These services from trained professionals are what private facilities offer, which come with quite an exorbitant price. But they ensure that patients receive the treatment they need, 24/7, including a private therapist and sessions that suit a particular individual’s needs.

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Portage West Island Adolescent Program Service Centre

Location: Point-Claire

Daily Fee: Free of charge

Similar to the Domremy Mauricie Centre, the Portage West Island Adolescent Program Service Centre is a nonprofit facility. It does, however, caters to a broader audience, including adolescents who’ve lost their way to substance abuse.

This establishment only offers inpatient treatment and have their patients focus on recovery alone. Options include short-term residential treatment that lasts for a few days. Long-term treatment is also available, spanning for a few weeks to a month.

What makes the Portage West Island Service Centre unique is the individualized treatment it also offers. Programs are tailored to fit a patient’s specific needs, based on their background, lifestyle, and religious beliefs.

Treatments focus on both alcohol and drug abuse, and therapy programs made for individuals, groups, and families. 

Centre De Réadaptation En Dépendance Domrémy

Location: Trois-rivières

Daily Fee: Free of charge

The Canadian government took it upon themselves to provide its citizens with a suitable drug rehab facility. With it came the existence of the Centre De Réadaptation En Dépendance Domrémy in Trois-rivières.

This location specializes in alcohol and drug addiction, including opiate dependence. It also tackles mental health issues, with dedicated professionals assigned to take care of each problem hands-on.

The facility’s therapy programs include both family, group, and individual sessions. It also provides life skills training to prepare a person to become a functioning member of society once he or she is completely recovered. It offers both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as medically-assisted detox programs. 

Centre Caroline Roy

Location: Saint-Ludger

Daily Fee: 64 CAD

The first private drug rehab institution on this list is the Centre Caroline Roy. Located in the quaint municipality of Saint-Ludger, this facility centers on both alcohol and drug abuse, both prescription and illegal.

While the establishment does have the individual, group, and experiential therapies, which makes it stand out is the Creative Arts and Animal Therapy sessions that it offers. These give patients a different look in terms of recovering from the disease, as it provides a refreshing, non-standard way to deal with the problem.

Just like the Portage West Island facility, Centre Caroline Roy only provides inpatient services with both short-term and long-term treatments. It also offers individualized treatment to cater to the specific needs of patients. 

La Maison La Margelle

Location: Sorel-Tracy

Daily Fee: 140 CAD

Another suitable private rehab institution on this list is the La Maison La Margelle in the city of Sorel-Tracy. Its primary focus is to help individuals afflicted by both alcohol and drug abuse through 12-step programs and AA meetings.

As a standard, the facility offers family, group, and individual therapies, but also includes motivational interviewing as an added option. This form of treatment focuses more on behavioural change, aiming to help patients make healthier choices at their own free will.

La Maison La Margell only offers inpatient services, but it comes with aftercare support like living in halfway houses and career counselling. 

Maison Raymonde Chopin Peladeau

Location: Lac Etchemin

Daily Fee: 176.19 CAD 

Located in the municipality of Lac Etchemin, Maison Raymonde Chopin Peladeau is a non-profit facility catered to serve alcohol and substance abuse patients. It offers a variety of therapy programs for groups, families, and individuals.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is also available, aiming to elicit healthier responses from those checked in. It helps bolster a patient’s ability to self-regulate medication.

The level of care that Maison Raymonde Chopin Peladeau brings includes individualized and inpatient treatment, as well as 12-step programs and aftercare support. But what makes it a good option is its holistic treatment program, which involves the individual’s life outside of the rehab facility.

Pavillon Pierre Peladeau

Location: Val-David

Daily Fee: 176.19 CAD

The Pavillon Pierre Peladeau is virtually identical with Maison Raymonde Chopin Peladeau, in terms of the daily fee and the services offered. Similarly, it provides full support for those afflicted with both alcohol and drug addiction.

This facility is primarily for inpatients willing to go through holistic and individualized treatment for their issues. 12-step programs are offered, as well as an aftercare support program to ensure a patient’s recovery even after they undergo in-house treatment.

As a standard, Pavillon Pierre Peladeau provides individual, group, and family therapies for patients to choose from. Cognitive-behavioural therapy is included to help them understand their situation better. 

Sobriety Home

Location: Godmanchester

Daily Fee: 366 CAD

With a very appropriate name to go with an all-around rehab facility, the Sobriety Home in Godmanchester offers a little more apart from the alcohol and substance abuse treatments on this list. It includes detox services for methadone maintenance, as well as opioid cleansing to cater to those dependent on prescription medication.

Also, Sobriety Home provides aid to patients with co-occurring disorders or dual diagnoses for emotional and mental maladies like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Apart from the individual, group, and family therapy sessions, the facility also offers nutrition therapy. Here, treatment is administered through specific dietary plans designed by professional nutritionists. 

Homewood Health

Location: Montreal

Daily Fee: 305 CAD

The bustling city of Montreal houses Homewood Health, an upscale facility that provides both inpatient and outpatient care for those dealing with alcohol and substance abuse. Treatment is also offered to those dealing with mental health issues and those dependent on prescription medication.

For its price, the establishment presents a broader array of treatment options, which include eating disorders and traumatic experiences. Of course, group and individual therapy are offered, along with creative arts therapy and life skills training.

Homewood Health gives patients a choice to live in sober living homes. These halfway houses are the best options to take for those who’ve just gone through therapy but have yet to recover completely. They are provided with chores and are made to undergo therapeutic meetings to help deal with their situation a lot easier.  

360 Dtx

Location: Montreal

Daily Fee: 595.24 CAD

The last but indeed not the least item on this list of drug rehab facilities in the Quebec area is 360 Dtx. Located in Montreal, this establishment deals with patients with alcohol and substance abuse, as well as mental health issues and dual diagnosis disorders.

Therapy programs include individual, group, and cognitive treatments, but a unique addition is dialectical behaviour therapy. It is designed to help patients build a better relationship with their loved ones. It helps them have a better understanding of how their behaviour affects the people around them.

Other forms of treatment include couples’ therapy for married couples and those in committed relationships. Nicotine replacement therapy is also available. Here, patients take shallow doses of nicotine to ease the symptoms of withdrawal or help people cut off the substance from their lives altogether.


The cost of treatment in a drug rehab center will depend on the specific needs of a patient. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we offer a customized approach to treatment that takes into consideration the individual needs of each client and treats the underlying cause for their addiction.

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