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A.R.T-ful Wellness #3 “Living in Sober Living”

What is a Sober House?
Join Alexandra Perry and Ignazio D’Alessandro Clinical Supervisor of Transitional Living discuss the importance of treatment facilities having a sober house where life skills, post-treatment sobriety maintenance, and much more is learned.

alexandra perrye talk

Etalk Appearance

Watch Clinical Director Alexandra Perry discuss the role of Narcan, a pharmaceutical drug used for treating opioid use. Ending with the importance of reaching out and getting help. Etalk is a Entertainment and Celeb News station.


A.R.T-ful Wellness #2 “Women in the Work Place”

Join us for a conversation with Alexandra Perry (Clinical Director) and Ria Guifarro (Psychotherapist and Addiction Specialist Therapist).Themes include mental health, addiction, personal stories, and working in the field as a female.


A.R.T-ful Wellness Podcast #1

This week former NHL Toronto Maple Leaf player Jim McKenny opens up his story living with addiction and overcoming close to death experiences. Jim McKenny just celebrated 31 years in sobriety and has become a pillar in the Recovery world. Addiction Rehab Toronto is grateful to have Jim apart of their family.