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how much does rehab cost in bc

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost in BC?

Addiction rehab is the most effective solution for addiction. This is why questions about how much drug rehab costs in British Columbia are popular. Drug addiction is the mental state of a person where he or she can’t control the desire to consume drugs.

Usually, the drugs involved are illegal. When a person becomes addicted to these drugs, often their loved ones are also affected by their behaviour. In the end, they encourage them to check into a rehabilitation facility. This is an institution that helps individuals recover from various types of addiction.

It’s a tough decision for anybody looking to make the decision to begin a rehabilitation program. A person who undergoes drug addiction rehabilitation for the first time may experience some difficulties, especially when the effects of the substance begins to wear off. The emotional and mental state of the person can become unpredictable. This is even more likely to happen if beginning rehabilitation was not a personal decision, rather one of the family or friends.

If you or a loved one needs to undergo drug rehabilitation, there are things you have to consider first before you decide, including which center to attend, whether you can afford private treatment, whether it will be in-patient or out-patient, how long you can get time off to attend treatment, and more.

Here we will discuss the important details to know where the cost of drug and addiction rehab is concerned.

Private Versus Government Funded Rehabilitation Centers

There are two types of rehabilitation centers in British Columbia for those seeking drug addiction treatment. They are privately owned and government-funded rehabilitation centers. Both types cater to everyone but they may differ in the types of programs and therapies that they offer.

What do privately-owned rehabilitation centers offer?

For one, privately-owned rehabilitation centers offer programs and therapies that are diverse and personalized to the individuals addictions, needs, and struggles. These personalized programs are proven to increase the odds of success in most patients.

They also tend to offer more therapeutic options compared to “one-size-fits-all” government centers. Although the amenities, cost of drug rehab, and services differ per facility, privately-owned rehabilitation centers, in general, offer better convenience and comfort to their clients.

Government-Funded Rehab Centers

Another option for rehabilitation is government-funded centers. These centers receive funding for their programs, treatments, and services from the government. They offer services that are free of charge but can be hard to get into and have longer wait times. This is the best option for those who cannot afford private centers.

Since the treatment is funded by the government, they tend to be behind on modern approaches, offer limited time with doctors and therapists, and don’t have aftercare support throughout the transition back to ‘real life’.

In general, there’s a much higher success rate of treatment in privately owned centers.

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Here are some of the privately-owned drug rehabilitation centers you will find in British Columbia:

Top of the World

You may think that this is just a phrase or a lyric to an old song, but this is a drug rehab facility that is found in Fort Steele, British Columbia. If you want to wake up every morning and be closer to nature, this is the best place to choose. You can stay in this facility that is found on top of a mountain for a month or more depending on your treatment program and the length it needs to finish it.

They treat different types addiction, including drug addiction. They offer a variety of treatment approaches such as Holistic, evidence-based, medical, wellness, etc. There are also a variety of therapies that you can choose from to help you while recovering. They are not only found in Canada, but they have other facilities worldwide.

Their prices depend on the location of the facility, but for the one found in British Columbia, their price is at $17,950 (CAD) for a month’s stay. If you want a luxurious rehab experience and you can afford it, this is the place for you.

Sunshine Coastal Health Center

Another luxurious rehabilitation center found in British Columbia is Sunshine Coastal Health Center that is located in Powell River. This center is exclusively for men only and as the name implies, the facility has a coastal setting.

This rehab facility follows a non-12 step program for the treatment of its residents. They aim to help their clients to experience personal transformation and full integration into the society not just through abstinence, reducing harm or healing from addiction.

They offer a varied specialization in professional treatment, gender-specific treatment, trauma treatment, co-occurring disorders, and PTSD. They have different types of therapy that can cater to what the client needs to experience a full recovery and also offers aftercare when the client has finished its stay within the facility.

This is a luxurious facility with a price that can range from $16,000 to $19,5000 (CAD) per month’s stay.

Valiant Recovery

This rehab facility is located in Kelowna at a lakeside setting. It offers a variety of activities and amenities, including massage, onsite Gym, Hot tub, Infrared Sauna, and Theater Room. They help treat people for drug, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, and co-occurring disorders.

Their therapies include relapse prevention counselling, for those who tend to relapse after the program. Also included are Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR), 12 Step facilitation, family counselling, and many more. They have programs for both male and female also offer aftercare treatment and some follow-up sessions that needed to be accomplished in-person and some can be accomplished online.

Anyone who wants to experience their program and treatment procedure can stay for 30 to 90 days in the facility. The program costs between $10,500 to $32,000 per month.

Cedars at Cobble Hill

The Cedars at Cobble Hill is another rehabilitation facility that is privately-owned and has catered to more than 5000 patients in their 13 years of service.

They establish individualized programs that are specific to the needs of their patients as they undergo their journey to achieve a successful recovery from their addiction.

A patient can stay for 30 to 90 days depending on the requirement and treatments the patient needs to do to recover. Since their treatment philosophy is based on individual needs, the length of stay for each patient also varies. Although they stay for months within the facility, the treatment plan for each individual is designed for 24 months including aftercare and counselling.

There are different activities that the patients participate in to help them to recover, as well as improve their overall health and wellness. As for the cost, there’s a varying cost for each individual and the program and treatment they need. They advise you to contact them for the pricing of a program.

Options Okanagan Treatment Center

This is an addiction rehab center for those addicted to alcohol and drugs. This facility is found in Kelowna and Salmon arms. They are a 12-step believer and they personalize every treatment they give their patients. The treatment plans are designed from medical detox within the facility and the aftercare. Each treatment plan is designed for each individual’s needs.

To be able to land a spot in their facility, they require a down payment of $1,000 during intake but do not disclose further pricing, as they design each treatment plan for each individual.

Cost of Drug Rehab in British Columbia

Drug Rehab Cost in BC

As we’ve established already, there are multiple rehabilitation centres in Canada, some of which are owned by the government. As such, the exact cost of drug rehab in British Columbia varies from one place to another.

However, it isn’t farfetched to see the pricing of drug and addiction rehab go as high as $12,250 Canadian per month. While this might seem like a lot, it usually is quite worth it as the organization tends to offer an “all-rounder package.” The package in question can include trauma recovery, family recovery, and virtually everything else on their list.

To make things significantly easier, some other organizations allow you to finance your treatment through a number of convenient ways. Among others, you may get the option of paying in instalments. It’s all tailored to your personal needs.

If you have insurance, it’s even better as it would take quite the burden away from your shoulders. Some of the most popularly used insurance types for addiction and rehab are:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Military insurance
  • Private insurance
  • State-financed health insurance

Cost of Addiction Rehabilitation by Service Rendered

If you’re still wondering exactly how much does rehab cost, the easiest way to break it down for you will be via a service-by-service basis. In that case, you should know that drug rehab entails different services and processes all aimed towards getting the patient better. Here are the different services rendered in rehabilitation as well as their cost:

Inpatient Rehabilitation

This type of treatment requires the patient to be at the rehab centre 24/7 for a specific period. The duration can range from 30 to 90 days. For those in 30-day programs, the cost can range between $6000 – $20000. For much higher programs, the cost may be between $12000 – $60000.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Unlike inpatient rehab, this type is designed to cater to mild or moderate cases of addiction. Patients do not need to be monitored closely. As such, they can come in on an appointment-basis instead of staying at the centre for quite some time. The price often ranges between $5000 – $10000. It largely depends on the frequency of visitation.


As you may have guessed from the name, it is the process of systematically ridding the patient’s body of drugs and/or harmful substances. Outpatient detox treatment can be anything between $1000 to $1500.

For inpatients, you can expect the rehab centre to factor in the cost of detox to the total amount for treatment. One major factor that can cause a hike in the cost of detox is if the substance that was abused has significantly high detox side effects. In this case, the patient will need to be closely monitored.


Another factor that can raise or drop the cost of rehab in the British Columbia is the medication to be used in the process. While some don’t exactly need medication, others require it to fully recover. A typical example is methadone treatment for heroin addiction. A year-long treatment with methadone can cost up to $4700.

The Real Cost of Addiction

Real Cost of Addiction

While all these figures may seem a tad high to you, they aren’t. After all, something is only expensive when the price doesn’t match the value it offers. With addiction rehab, you’ll be getting the value for your money. Besides, treating addiction isn’t nearly as expensive as staying addicted. Here’s why:

A person who drinks a 12-pack of beer each day, for example, can expect to spend up to $3000 each year. Under the circumstance that they make the mistake of drinking and driving, they’ll probably get caught and fined, increasing their addiction-related expenses. Apart from that, there are several health challenges that come with alcohol addiction that’ll require an addict to spend money to manage.

All in all, choosing to remain addicted can add up up to tens of thousands of dollars in cost, leaving the addicted person a financial wreck.

Choosing the Best Option

The cost of drug rehabilitation in British Columbia is not cheap but it is likely necessary for those with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. With the personalized programs, amenities, and length of treatment, this cost is typically justified and well worth it. There’s nothing more valuable than your health.

To find the best drug rehabilitation center for you, you should take into consideration your budget, your ability to attend an in-patient facility, and what the costs are for NOT getting treatment. Drug rehabilitation is a necessity for most people that want to get and stay sober.

Another option is to attend a facility far from home, such as one in Toronto. You’ll have all the benefits of being in a  large city but you’ll be far removed from any of the triggers in your every day life.

Indeed, the cost of drug rehab isn’t cheap. However, paying to get better is a whole lot better than paying to stay worse. Here at Addiction Rehab, we offer effective addiction treatment services. More importantly, we offer fair pricing that is well worth the value of our addiction treatment services. Speak to an addiction treatment expert today!

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