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Sober Living Cost in Toronto

How Much Does Sober Living Cost in Toronto?

When you are undergoing recovery from an addiction, it is important that you choose a safe environment to live in. One of the best options for you is entering a sober living home. By being there, you can recover from your addiction along with fellow individuals who are going through the same process in their lives. Let’s take a look at what to expect from sober living homes and answer a common question which is how much does sober living cost in Toronto?

Understanding What Sober Living Homes Are

In sober living homes, you can make your transition from an intensive inpatient program in rehab into a community where you can start relearning how you can live independently but without needing to use drugs or alcohol to get by each day.

In these homes, you live with a group of people who share the same situation. All of you are trying to kick the bad habits and recover from your addictions. The way that these homes operate is that you will have to pay for the cost of living there. At the same time, you also have to contribute to its maintenance by doing chores and paying rent.

There are various kinds of sober living homes. There are some that are owned by religious groups or business. A huge majority of these homes are privately operated. Most of the time, it is run by sober individuals who make an informal arrangement for a sober living home. By entering into a sober living home, think of it as making an investment for your own addiction recovery.

The way that sober homes operate is different for each one. There are those that have an individual who is in charge of enforcing the house rules and oversees the smooth operation of the home. There are also some homes where each of the residents has his or her own power to make decisions. What’s common in every management style is that for you to stay in a sober living home, you have to follow the house rules.

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Sober Living Homes Vs. Various Residential Programs

When compared to various residential programs like in treatment centres, sober living homes are a bit different. One difference is that in these homes, it is loosely structured. This means that residents can go out to work or perform other obligations outside of the home. There are homes that require regular drug testing to ensure that the residents are maintaining their sobriety.

When you are a resident of a sober living home, you can come and go if you need to work, see your family, or spend time on your hobbies. You are free to do these things for as long as you still observe the house rules. The sober living home teaches you to be responsible and independent when it comes to your well-being and recovery.

In the event that a resident cannot fully commit to his or her recovery, then that means that he or she is not ready. This can affect the whole recovery process of everyone in a sober living home. That’s why for most homes, it is required for the residents to have completed their detox or treatment program at a rehab centre.

To add to that, many sober living homes also need the residents to sign a particular contract where you state that you are fully committed to your recovery. This is to ensure that the other residents’ recovery process won’t be affected.

Are Sober Living Homes Helpful?

The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. Sober living homes are a stable environment where recovering addicts can live and practice being responsible and independent individuals. When you’re in recovery from addiction, it is vital to have a space where you can be safe and the people around you are supportive.

There have been studies that state that if you live in a dysfunctional home during your recovery, it may hinder your progress. It may even be a factor for you going back to your bad habits and using drugs or alcohol again. By being in a sober living home, you can be assured that you are somewhere safe and you can focus on getting better again.

During your stay in a sober living home, you get to support and be supported by the other residents who know very well what you’re going through. With these individuals, you can attend other treatments such as 12-step programs. What you have to take note of is that staying in a sober living home will only be effective if you are fully committed to your addiction recovery.

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What to Expect from Sober Living Homes?

If you are going through a particular rehabilitation program, it is not advisable that you enter a sober living home. You have to understand that these two are not the same. You should have been through a rehab program before you go to a sober living home. In these homes, you can expect that there will be ongoing support from the group. This can be through group or individual therapies for the residents.

Individuals entering a sober living home have been through inpatient rehab programs. During their stay there, they have been able to understand more about their addiction problems. And as an extra measure to remain sober, they go to a sober living home so they can get additional support which is highly important once you graduate from your rehab program.

Some of the house rules of sober living homes include paying rent, attending the therapies, not bringing intoxicating drugs and other substances, attending house meetings, and respect the other individuals living and managing the home.

There are so many benefits that a recovering addict can get from staying in a sober living home. You get to have the space that you need to feel safe, you can build a new routine for yourself, and you can support others while also getting support from other residents.

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How Much Does Sober Living Cost in Toronto?

The cost of entering a sober living home in Toronto can vary greatly. For government-funded facilities, there are only a maximum number of individuals that can stay in the home. The homes are usually situated in a quiet neighbourhood. However, there may be some that are found in apartment buildings.

The area where the home is located in a big factor in the cost of staying there. You can imagine renting a room in the home as the same as renting your own apartment. However, in a sober living home, you can expect that there is more community involvement.

Some sober living homes can cost you about $500 a month. If the home is located in affluent areas, it can go as high as $12,000 a month. For that kind of sober living home, you can expect to have lots of space, pools, spas, and other amenities.

For average sober living homes, there’s not a lot of amenities to expect. If you rent a room in this kind of home, then you will be required to buy your own medications and groceries. You are highly encouraged to keep a job. It’s not just for financial reasons that you should have a job; it also helps with building your routine and feeling productive. This can definitely help you to keep your mind away from going back to drugs and alcohol.

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Preparations Before Entering a Sober Living Home

Before you talk to an admissions personnel of the sober living home, it is important that you prepare the information that we’ll be noting here. It will give you an easier time and also, by providing such information, you may be given the right options. Here are some of the things to prepare for:

  • Insurance plan along with the insurance company and policy number information
  • Details of the severity of your alcohol or drug abuse
  • What were the substances that you have used?
  • Details on the duration of your drug or alcohol use
  • Medical history or conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or pregnancy, etc.
  • Details of any mental health conditions that co-occur with the addiction

By preparing and providing these pieces of information, you will have an easier time with the admissions at the sober living home. The more information you’ll be able to provide, then the better it is for you and for the home’s manager who’ll be assisting you along the way.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided some insight into the question: how much does sober living cost in Toronto? If you are thinking of entering a sober living facility after being in an inpatient rehab program, know that you are doing the right thing for yourself. This is a big step towards your goal which is getting clean and staying sober In the sober living homes, you’ll meet many brave and strong individuals like yourself who are fighting the battle against addiction. While it may be daunting at first to be among strangers, you’ll soon find that they are kind and compassionate individuals.

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