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Cara Sky | Yoga Trainer Toronto | Yoga Instructor

Cara Sky

Yoga Trainer Toronto

Cara began her formal yoga training while traveling through Thailand almost 20 years ago. She has practiced a variety of yoga styles, including Bikram, Moksha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara and Yin. She became a certified teacher in 2017 under the tutelage of Michael Siddall in Toronto. Since then, she has continued her training, as well as seeking new paths for self-study and dedicated practice. Cara uses her extensive knowledge of the yoga postures to guide students through a practice that helps the individual to become better attuned to breath, find stillness of the mind, and greater ease in the physical body, while building strength and stamina. Owing to her personal practice, Cara was able work through her own trauma, and believes that yoga can provide a pathway to focus one’s energy on matters of genuine importance by allowing the mind to clear out all the noise and clutter that modern society so often presents us. By focusing on breath, and attuning the mind to the present moment only, yoga can help the practitioner to better connect to a greater purpose of self and your own guiding higher power. After many years of coming to her mat, she wishes to share her love of the practice with her students, while inspiring their own practices and helping to create an environment of non-judgment, peace and stress-relief.

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