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Dr. Marni Brooks, Addiction Doctor

Dr. Marni Brooks

Addiction Doctor

Dr. Marni Brooks is a Toronto family Physician specializing in the area of Cannabinoid Medicine. Other interests include working in the area of Addiction Medicine (which she did for 11 years), acute primary care management and advocacy work as Executive Chair and Council Member at the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). In fact, she founded the first Medical Interest Group in Cannabinoid Medicine in the country at the OMA. Finally, Dr. Brooks is also an Independent Medical Examiner, responsible for diagnosing and making treatment recommendations for suspected Substance Use Disorders.

Dr. Brooks is a graduate of McGill University where she completed her Bachelor of Science, majoring in psychology and focusing her thesis in the area of pediatric pain. A physician in Sydney, Australia sponsored her in order to assist him with his pediatric pain research.

Upon her return to Canada, Dr. Brooks completed a Master of Social Work degree where she spent one year training at the Addiction Research Foundation in the Youth and Family Clinic 21-day Residential Program, in order to help youth struggling with addiction. She spent her other year of training in Women’s Health at the Bay Centre for Birth Control. Her interests continued after she completed her medical degree and family medicine residency at the University of Toronto. She is also a Fellow in Family Medicine.

Dr. Brooks is committed to educating her physician peers as well as patients and caregivers on the benefits of cannabis for a variety of health conditions, either as sole therapy or in conjunction with other treatments. Addiction Rehab Toronto is thrilled in having Dr. Brooks apart of the Clinical Team and she is looking forward to making a huge impact in the Medical Detox field with our holistic approach through Cannabinoid Medicine.

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