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Lisa Kuley

Hons. Social Work, Addictions Counsellor

Lisa started her career in addictions counselling after having her lived experience with addiction. Humber College was a perfect place for Lisa to discover and develop her humanistic approach to practice; adopted from the psychologist Carl Rogers, Lisa has ‘an unconditional positive regard’ outlook when it comes to all the people with whom she interacts. Graduating as Valedictorian in 2018, Lisa earned a diploma in Social Services.  Lisa understands the importance and difficulty of integrating back into the community – having experienced social anxiety in her own sobriety, Lisa appreciates how ‘little things’, including just sitting with strangers, could seem huge for someone in recovery. In fact, it was through earning her bachelor’s degree in social work at X University (formerly Ryerson) that Lisa discovered the overarching socio-political mechanisms that inform and perpetuate inequality, addiction, and other negative mental health outcomes. Graduating with Honours in 2021, Lisa’s ‘program’ was her tireless pursuit of higher education. Throughout her first 5 years of school, Lisa started her life over and at the age of 27 learned how to interact with others while sober. If getting sober scares you, not to worry! You are among friends.

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