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Shauna Mayer | VIOP Counsellor

Shauna Mayer

B.A., N.V.C., VIOP Counsellor

Shauna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Toronto along with numerous holistic therapy certifications. She brings 20 years experience in spiritual care and mental health care as a program coordinator, spiritual care provider, facilitator and one-to-one counselor in residential, community and institutional settings with adults and youth. She is certified in Dr. Stephanie Covington’s CBT-based trauma-informed addiction and recovery method and in FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)®.
For 10 years she worked in the area of restorative justice with women who have experienced trauma, addiction and incarceration. It was during this time she developed Connect Decks; an emotional awareness toolbased on the principles of NVC (non-violent communication). This process assists in emotional regulation, building trust in one’s inner wisdom and self-care.
Shauna brings a mind, body, spirit approach to her practice and draws from her ability to blend conventional and spiritual modalities in a highly-individualized framework. Shauna is a certified yoga instructor (2010) and trained at the Institute of Classical Yoga and Therapy. She is a Gendai Reiki Master/Teacher and certified Life Coach and incorporates these modalities in her work according to client’s needs and preferences.
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