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Addiction Education


Addiction Education Programs in Toronto, ON

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, Addiction Education means providing our clients with evidence-based stigma free support and resources but also providing the outside world with partnership, collaboration and offering accessible education on Addiction within Canada.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we advocate a mental health stigma-free environment. We are actively involved in the conversations about Addiction, Addiction stigma and how they work together to stigmatize Mental Health. We pride ourselves in being an inclusive, safe, and non-judgmental space for Addiction education.

We understand the importance of providing people with the most accurate information because we know that Addiction comes from or is activated by mental health, trauma, grief, life, and much more. We know there are many myths about Addiction, and our job is to debunk them.Our values are that we need to provide Addiction education to relieve the suffering of an individual from physical, emotional, spiritual and mental pain. We educate individuals to understand that “saying no” is not that easy – there are intersectional complications and that we must take a more holistic, trauma-informed approach to Addiction treatment.

student volunteer placement programs

Student and Volunteer Placement Program

Addiction Rehab Toronto is considered a Teaching Facility. We strive to motivate new professionals, bringing in new lived experience and evidence-based practices: hold us accountable to promoting high-quality treatment programming in a field like Addictions, which is so often misunderstood.

We advocate the sharing and learning of Interdisciplinary education, knowledge, and practices within the field of Addiction and Addictive behaviours. As a means to meet the needs of clients and the community, we offer student placement opportunities for those seeking and evoking new skills and experience.

The partnership has included, but not limited to Seneca College, CDI College, Sheridan College, Centennial College, Windsor University, Humber College, triOS College, Flemming College, York University, University of Toronto, Guelph University, Western University, McGill University, Wilfred Laurier University, and Waterloo University. Addiction Rehab Toronto promotes volunteer opportunities for those parts of the Addiction Recovery Fellowship. We hold meetings for Alcohol Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, all information on services is available to clients and families, partner organizations and the community through our accessible means such as our website, social media presence, transparent dialogue between staff and through our family sessions, clinical meetings, and programming meetings.

Awareness Engagement

Addiction Rehab Toronto promotes awareness of Addiction and Addictive Behaviours services in the community through it’s the internet, Social Media, professional and personal engagement. We actively work on raising awareness through micro and macro community outreach within the scope of lower-risk programs to higher-risk programs. We engage in evidence-based information about Addictions for potential clients, family, and community.


Our website includes professional biographies of our Clinical Team with credentials, our interdisciplinary treatment programs, an in-depth understanding of the detox process, types of support, blog articles about different areas of addiction and immediate contact information to the centre. Within our website, we promote a drip campaign, in which we promote awareness through an online platform that provides a 24-hour live chat with information about our facility, a questionnaire about Addictions and a Welcome package. In addition, each member that access our website is greeted with an opportunity to subscribe to our facility and get their own personal online eMagazine. Our eMagazine is filled with free high-quality content about Addictions with specific resources on where to reach out to community-oriented resources like Alcoholic Anonymous. In addition, we promote specific persons within Addiction Recovery and share a podcast/video/or life story.


We use the widely accessible platform of SoundCloud to promote awareness of Addictions and Addictive behaviours. Every month we administer a podcast with our Clinical Director interviewing an individual who either has evidence-based knowledge of Addictions or comes with lived experience of Addictions. You can find our podcasts at

Social Media

Addiction Rehab Toronto’s marketing team actively posts an Addiction awareness post on a daily basis. We utilize specific hashtags to showcase our services to a greater mass, which can reach beyond provincial limitations. We use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn as a means to participate in Federal, Provincial and Municipal Mental Health and Wellness awareness campaigns.

For information on Addiction Education, please give us a call at 1-855-787-2424, or email us at We’ll be happy to help you.

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