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Addiction Treatment for Veteran Affairs


Addiction Rehab Toronto in Collaboration with Veteran Affairs

In collaboration with Addiction Rehab Toronto, we provide in-patient programs to Veterans across Canada. Expedited treatment is an option for Veterans, typically no longer than a 24-48 hour wait period. We help by treating both physical and psychological dependency during treatment and create a plan organized to maintain sobriety post-treatment.

Treatment is designed according to specific client needs; trauma-informed and client-centered approaches are essential.

If you are a representative from Victim Services and you have not established a connection with Addiction Rehab Toronto, please call in at: 1-855-787-2424.

Our program lengths consist of 32, 47, 62 or 92 days. In-patient treatment is the primary focus for veterans across Canada.

our veterans

We provide our veterans the highest care, those who have served our country deserve immediate care & treatment.

Our holistic abstinence based approach is designed to provide clients a means for living a happy & healthy live without the need for substance use.

Treatment for Veterans at Addiction Rehab Toronto

Treating Veterans at Addiction Rehab Toronto requires essential assessments beginning with biopsychosocial assessments.

Following these assessments, we can begin to create a personalized treatment plan. With a variety of approaches, veterans will have access to: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural therapy, Solution-focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and much more.

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