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our clinical staff

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Our Clinical Staff

Dr. Sandor MD

Dr. Sandor

MD, Psychiatrist

dr. perera

Dr. Perera

MD, MCCP Addiction Doctor

dr. greg carfagnini

Dr. Greg Carfagnini

MD CCFP(EM), Addiction Doctor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Dr. Rahim Haji

BSc, DC, MD Addiction Doctor

melinda hynes

Melinda Hynes

I.C.A.D.C., C.E.A.P., Lead Coordinator

shalini s.

Shalini S.

H.B.A., C.A.C.C.F., Clinical Director / Intake Coordinator

valentino colavecchia

Valentino Colavecchia

C.A.C.C.F, C.Y.W, Clinical Supervisor, Director of Sober Living

lisa granitto

Lisa G

R.P.N., Director of Nursing

lazar markovic

Lazar Markovic

H.B.A, A.E Admissions & Marketing Manager

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Dominic Wozniak

B.A., B.Sc., M.A., Registered Psychotherapist

dwayne walker

Dwayne Walker

M.A., B.Sc, CTRI, Registered Psychotherapist

melissa hillier

Melissa Hillier

M.A, B.A., A.D.M.H., Registered Psychotherapist

jim mckenny

Jim McKenny

Recovery Coach Former NHL Player (Toronto Maple Leafs)

joe tilley

Joe Tilley

Sports Speaker, CTV News Anchor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Joe “Pizongwakinew”

B.A., H.S.C., I.C.A.D.C., Indigenous Elder & Counsellor

wade sherman

Wade Sherman

Addictions Counsellor & Family Program Coordinator

issabella di poce

Issabella Di Poce

B.A., A.E., Clinical Coordinator & Addictions Counsellor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Lee Murphy

Addictions Counsellor

alison peticca

Alison Peticca

A.S.W., Addictions Counsellor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Allen Kharlip

I.C.A.D.C., C.C.A.C. Addiction Counsellor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Jonathan Kichler

Addiction Therapy Specialist

donavan bruce

Donavan Bruce

Peer Support Worker

sheri jackson

Sheri Jackson

P.A.S., C.A.C. II., VIOP Counsellor

shauna mayer

Shauna Mayer

B.A., N.V.C., VIOP Counsellor

mia vucurovic

Mia Vucurovic

H.B.A., Addictions Counsellor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Unnati Patel

Charge Nurse, R.P.N Registered Practical Nurse

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Eshani Perera

R.P.N / Registered Practical Nurse

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Stephanie P.

R.P.N Registered Practical Nurse

edwin modeste

Edwin Modeste

Red Seal Chef

leo d’costa

Leo D’costa

C.A Diploma with Honours, Red Seal Head Chef

sue tangbawan

Sue Tangbawan

Head Attendant

richard harris

Richard Harris

Addiction Therapy Specialist of Sober Living

julie hinton

Julie Hinton

Spiritual Healer / Reiki Specialist

corey forrester

Corey Forrester

Fitness & Mauy Thai Instructor, P.T.C S.E.T

wilson dawe

Wilson Dawe

Maintenance Supervisor

caitlin bar

Caitlin Bar

B.A Art Therapist

delia olea jimenez

Delia Olea Jimenez

Body Care Specialist / Massage Therapist

sharon corina

Sharon Corina

Pilates Instructor

sara salehi

Sara Salehi

M.S, Yoga Instructor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Amy Zwarich

Addictions Counsellor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Faith Stephen

Registered Practical Nurse, RPN

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Gillian Petersen

Addictions Counsellor

clinical staff, Clinical Staff

Jay Albi

Sober Coach



Addiction Service / Therapy Dog