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Lazar Markovic | Admissions Counsellor/ Marketing Director

Lazar Markovic H.B.A, A.E

Admissions & Marketing Manager

Lazar completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at York University specializing in Approaches, Skills, and Techniques within Counselling & Psychotherapy. On campus, he held Mindfulness Meditation sessions for 3rd and 4th year students and helped develop Mental Health & Wellness programs at York University. Afterwards, he attended McMaster University where he completed a certificate in Professional Addictions Studies. While completing his school work, he worked at various small businesses developing their digital marketing. Taking a strong interest and seeing success in sales and marketing, he decided to start a career path in Digital Marketing and Web Design. Moving forward, he has a strong interest business development as well as helping those struggling with substance abuse. At the beginning of the process to helping those find treatment, Lazar provides information on treatment program options and alternative help if needed. His calm demeanor is assuring to clients who come in contact with him in discussing their own experiences and recovery treatment plan.

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