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CBD Program at Addiction Rehab Toronto


CBD Program in Toronto, ON

Addiction Rehab Toronto is the only treatment centre that offers a holistic detox approach, detoxifying clients off anti-depressants, methadone, opioids, and prescription medication.

what is cbd

What is CBD Rehab Program?

Cannabidiol program (CBD program) is an evidence-based, client-centred treatment. It is a cannabinoid industrial hemp oil from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is provided for individuals who, through exasperating alternative measures of strategies, can help treat anxiety, pain, and withdrawals.

Cannabinoid Medicine Speciality

We have an Addictions Doctor who specializes in Cannabinoid Medicine. She has work experience with the Ontario Medical Association, and Vector Medical, with specifically on Addiction Medicine. She has taught various Cannabinoid Medicine lectures to physicians and surgeons interested in learning about the Addiction Medicine. In addition, she publicized work for the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine.

Addiction Rehab Toronto will offer specific individuals as a suggestion for the CBD treatment program, but the Doctor has the final say on the implementation of the program. It is only the Doctor that can prescribe or make the call on implementing the CBD program.

Benefits of the CBD Program

Lots of evidence which indicate the benefits of CBD. For example (of many): in 2015, Hurd et al. conducted research on the impact of CBD on heroin users – the experiment concluded with decreased anxiety about heroin cue-induced anxiety (Lee et al, 2017.)

The CBD program, in research, is being provided with positive feedback, especially for those suffering from Addictions (Newsfile Corp, 2018.) Because it can help treat opioid and prescription addicts, prevent fatal overdoses and relieve side-effects from withdrawal (Newsfile Corp, 2018.) The CBD program has proven benefits for anxiety, addiction, social anxiety, PTSD and depression. In addition, it helps with pain relief, epilepsy, cancer, and withdrawal.

For information on our CBD Holistic Detox Treatment Program, Please give us a call at 1-855-787-2424

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