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How do I approach an employee who is struggling with a substance use issue?

When talking to an employee about mental health and addiction, it is important to approach the situation cautiously and with care. In the beginning, take notice on how well you know this employee you are concerned about. It may be best to simply voice your concern and then explain why you are concerned in a private setting. Explain how you intend to work with them and help as much as possible.

Let your employee know that their information will stay confidential and their privacy will be maintained. It is also important you know your organization’s policy regarding this. Legally, with who are you able to share an employee’s personal information? Have a copy of the organizations policy ready for the employee. Inform them that health matters are confidential and will not affect their reputation. If there is a collective agreement in place, be familiar with the terms of the collective agreement. If it would interfere with accommodations, make sure it is clear what steps can be taken to accommodate the employee.

Assure your employee that you have their betterment in mind in order to create a safe space. This will allow for conversation to be open and empowering for the employee. Legally, an individual cannot lose their employment due to mental health and addiction issues in Canada. Addiction Rehab Toronto places a strong emphasis on anonymity and confidentiality, making sure each client feels safe and secure in rehabilitation.

Your employee may refuse to recognize any problems with their mental health or addiction issues, there may be little that you can do.

provides interventions


First contact does not have to be the end. You will likely want to check in with the employee or arrange a professional to check in for you.

To accommodate in a proper manner, you will need to know any barriers that can have an influence on the employee’s capability to fulfill the necessary duties of their job.

What would be best to empower your employee to continue working effectively?

While the employee might still not with to disclose any issues they may have, they may look for help from the employee assistance plan provider or a counsellor, doctor, psychotherapist etc. Addiction Rehab Toronto can also help provide out-patient services or have a trained-professional perform an intervention. For more information regarding interventions, call our helpline at +1 (855) 787 – 2424.

In summary:

  • Voice your concern as a performance issue in the workplace
  • Provide comfort in offering accommodations if possible
  • Inform about any (EAP) Employee Assistance Programs or resources within the community
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality
  • Follow up or check in with the employee
  • Create a document of interactions

Is an intervention needed?

Addiction Rehab Toronto provides interventions which will help your employee understand the benefits of rehabilitation and the consequences of not getting help. Addiction Rehab Toronto has a team of qualified and trained interventionist professionals. Step by step, the interventionists will arrange where, what time, who will be involved, and how the intervention will be executed in being successful with you. Once your employee accepts help through the intervention, we will directly transport them to the facility and start the treatment program.

If you have any questions, please call our helpline: 1 (855) 787 – 2424.

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