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Addiction Rehab Brockville, Ontario


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Brockville

Are you or a loved one battling the seemingly unending struggles of addiction? Drug Rehab Brockville combines the rare combination of affordable care, experienced and compassionate professionals, a positive and supportive environment and a tested and trusted holistic approach to help people with addiction achieve a complete recovery. Because we use an evidence-based holistic approach at our treatment facility, we do not just focus on addiction. But also on all underlying issues that can trigger a relapse and also on the entire individual to achieve a smooth, seamless recovery process.

We take a lot of pride in our work because we deliver effective, private, confidential and non-judgemental treatment programs to all our clients. We always put the patient first at Drug Rehab Brockville. That is why all our treatment plans are personally customized to meet each patient’s needs. With our years of experience and unblemished reputation, we have come to realize that addiction symptoms may be similar, but no two addiction journeys are ever the same. As such, our treatment programs are never the same.

Addiction to anything, be it drugs, marijuana, alcohol, gambling, or other substances and activities, can be draining, demoralizing and highly destructive. That is in addition to the strain it places on relationships, moral and financial obligations and a person’s career. Many of us have been there ourselves, so we know the importance of getting help in a supportive and positive environment without unwanted judgments or blame apportioning.

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Why You Should Choose Drug Rehab Brockville

  • We prioritize Privacy and Confidentiality

Every patient that visits our Brockville rehab knows they will be welcomed and treated with complete regard for privacy and utmost confidentiality. In this regard, our professionalism speaks for itself. Our only concern is helping you or a loved one get the support and care they need in a positive, encouraging and supportive environment.

  • Our Holistic Approach Is Second to None

Many people, even professionals, make the mistake of treating only the addiction. We believe in a different approach at Brockville drug rehab center. Most of the time, people do not just pick up addictions. Something spurs them to do so. When underlying issues go unnoticed, relapses become inevitable. At Drug Rehab Brockville, we always go the extra mile for each patient. Our substance abuse treatment begins with a thorough assessment of every patient’s social, psychological, spiritual and cultural experiences. We ask all necessary questions and leave no stone unturned. The outcome? An effective treatment plan that never fails to hit the mark.

  • Complete Transformation for All Clients

Addiction is a bottomless pit that keeps taking. It slowly drains your life out, turning a once easy-to-smile, easygoing and pleasant individual into a shell of their former self. Let us help you get your shine back. Not only do we work to help our clients get back their former selves, but we strive to make them even better than they were before. That is why we have added several character-building programs to our addiction treatment plan. Here are some of the treatment programs we offer at our addiction rehab Brockville facility:

  • Psychotherapy
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Self-love and Meditation Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Life-Skills Coaching
  • Grief and Loss Therapy
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Fitness and Wellness Classes

Medical Detox at Brockville Drug Rehab Centre

There are several steps involved in our supervised medical detox at our Brockville Rehab Centre. As a person becomes addicted to a particular drug or substance, they begin to crave it more and more. Not just because the substance is addictive but also because their body is becoming more familiar with and dependent on it. So, getting the body to become “unfamiliar” with such substances should be done in a safe, controlled environment, like the one we provide at Drug Rehab Brockville.

Before we commence a medical detox at our drug rehab center, our specialists ask questions to ascertain the following:

  • The type of drug(s) in a patient’s system.
  • Their level of dependence on the drug.
  • The physical and mental challenges that would be faced during the detoxification process.

Our trained specialists are available 24/7 and ready to help all patients through whatever struggles they may have during the entire process. You can be assured that the entire process will be carried out in a safe, controlled environment.

Medical Detox Programs at Brockville Rehab Centre

At Drug Rehab Brockville, we offer several medical detox programs. They include:

  • Supervised Detox:

Assisted medical detoxification for people addicted to alcohol or drugs performed in a safe and controlled environment. All patients under his program are immediately placed under a doctor, who ensures they are safe and well throughout the program. Most patients under this program need constant supervision, and our carefully-handpicked Brockville Drug Rehab center professionals always get the job done.

  • Alcohol Detox:

This program is used to help people suffering from alcoholism, a lifelong disease that can be triggered by the slightest exposure to alcohol. Alcohol detox may come with some severe symptoms, such as muscle pain and seizures, insomnia and night sweat, delusions and hallucinations and illness resulting from electrolyte imbalance.

  • Drug Detox:

Like alcohol detox, drug detox at Drug Rehab Brockville involves a careful investigation of underlying factors and risk factors that may have contributed to the problem. We ask careful questions to know how vulnerable how patients have become due to addiction and prepare a plan to help them through it.

  • CBD Holistic Detox:

We also offer an evidence-based, client-centered Cannabidiol program. Our Cannabinoid Medicine specialist has broad years of experience in the field and has written for several notable medical publications in Canada. This program employs the many health benefits of CBD to treat several conditions, including anxiety, addiction, PTSD and depression, in a safe, controlled environment.

Brockville Drug Rehab Centre - Centre for Holistic Addiction Treatment in Brockville, Ontario

Drug Rehab Brockville is your best choice if you are looking for rehab in Brockville. Our holistic approach is carefully implemented to help our patient’s addiction and contribute to their complete transformation. We focus on the individual while delivering an effective, affordable, compassionate, evidence-based treatment plan.

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