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Addiction Treatment for Victim Services


Addiction Rehab Toronto in Collaboration with Victim Services

Addiction Rehab Toronto works in collaboration with various regions responsible for crisis intervention. We provide expedited treatment options for those who have experienced trauma & tragedy leading to substance abuse and mental health issues. We help those by providing physical and psychological treatment and establishing a safe community where clients are empowered and supported.

We design our treatment plans according to client specific needs & wants for those who have been a victim of crime trafficking, abuse, exploitation, etc.

If you are a representative from Victim Services and you have not established a connection with Addiction Rehab Toronto, please call in at: 1-855-787-2424.

We are an accredited rehabilitation facility that provides 32, 47, 62 or 92 days in-patient treatment options for all those who have experienced past trauma & suffering.

victim service

We provide our victim services clients with the highest priority of care & support to lead a happy and fufilled life.

Our holistic abstinence based approach is designed to provide clients a means for living a happy & healthy live without the need for substance use.

Victim Services Treatment Facility for Addiction

Our approach to treating clients who arrive from victim services entails a series of assessments, examining primarily phyiscal, psychological, and social factors. From these assessments, we are able to design the approaches to treat physical & psychological issues. After a client is medically cleared, he or she is assigned a psychotherapist that will work with the client on mental health issues, typically within a trauma-informed approach. In addition to this, there will be a primary counsellor assigned that employs solution-focused approaches alongside motivational interviewing.

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