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what are methamphetamines


Methamphetamine Addiction


What are methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines are a form of amphetamines, and were originally developed as a medical treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity and related conditions. Although these drugs still have limited medical use in the United States, they are banned in Canada due to their dangerous side effects and high potential for addiction.

Methamphetamines are often referred to as “speed” due to their stimulant effect on the central nervous system. Within moments of smoking or injecting the drug, the user experiences a strong rush of euphoria that lasts for several hours. The sensations that users enjoy, such as increased confidence and higher energy, are accompanied by the more troubling symptoms of a racing metabolism. These include an erratic heartbeat, chest pain, gastrointestinal problems and a sensation of physical restlessness and tension.

Methamphetamines also have some powerful effects on the individual’s mental health. He or she may become aggressive and violent, and experience hallucinations and paranoia.

dangers of methamphetamine

What are the dangers of methamphetamine addiction?

Like many street drugs, methamphetamines are made in illegal laboratories with no standards for safety or hygiene. Nor is there a standard formula for the ingredients: the drugs are often made with chemicals that are considered poisonous for humans. The final product varies from one laboratory to another, and this results in unpredictable effects for the users, who have no way of knowing exactly what they are taking or in what quantities.

Methamphetamines result in faster metabolic processes. The user experiences increased heart rate and blood pressure and a significantly higher core temperature. This can result in seizures, stroke or heart failure. Accidental overdose can happen easily, and it can be fatal, particularly when the drug is used intravenously. Use during pregnancy can result in premature delivery or stillbirth.

What treatment is available for methamphetamine addiction?

People with a methamphetamine addiction are strongly advised to enter an inpatient addiction treatment program. The withdrawal symptoms can be intense and frightening, and medical supervision is often needed. Addiction Rehab Toronto, located in a quiet Toronto neighbourhood, will provide this care and also devise and implement a customized treatment program that addresses all aspects of the individual’s life. Our holistic approach, which treats people rather than addictions, has a proven track record of success.

For more information, please visit our methamphetamine addiction treatment page.

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