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Addiction Rehab Vancouver provides extensive addiction treatment for people and families who suffer from substance abuse, behavioural problems and other issues related to addiction. Our specialized and unique programs have been designed to empower our clients with the essential tools to live their lives with respect, purpose and dignity.

to worried parents

To Worried Parents And Loved Ones

Our team at Addiction Rehab Vancouver are here to welcome you. You may be on this site because you feel a lot of pain or aren’t sure what to do because someone close in your life is suffering from addiction. We understand the impact that this stress and crisis has on a family. We are here to provide you and your loved ones with the tools, knowledge and emotional support needed to start the recovery process.

We have not only successfully helped many people recover from addiction, but we have personally dealt with substance abuse disorder. We know first hand that not dealing with underlying and unresolved emotional issues can lead to destructive behaviour among other problems. That’s why it is our first priority to identify and address core issues behind the behaviour.

It’s not enough to just treat external issues or symptoms like substance use, depression and self harm. It’s crucial to equip young adults with a strong sense of awareness and give them the power to sustain long term healing. To have the most impact, we encourage the whole family to be part of the healing process which is why we offer family counselling sessions. We also communicate frequently with parents and loved ones throughout the treatment process.

Treatment For Addiction

Addiction Rehab Vancouver is a premier addiction treatment facility that offers a diverse range of drug and alcohol treatment options. Our programs are designed to heal our clients as well as their family members. Our experienced and compassionate team of experts use a holistic approach to treatment by providing people with the tools to overcome addiction, repair damaged relationships and sustain long term recovery.

There are many forms of addiction and some of the most common types that we treat at Addiction Rehab Vancouver include addiction to alcohol, opioids, amphetamines, marijuana and cocaine among others.

Our addiction treatment professionals take a unique and customized approach for every person we work with. To implement the best treatment solution, we conduct a comprehensive assessment for each client as well as their family members. The assessments of the individual and family are done separately so everyone can speak honestly and openly.

The assessment is used as a foundation for developing an individualized treatment plan for the initial inpatient recovery and long term care. The treatment will include traditional addiction recovery techniques and other methods that address the social, cultural and spiritual needs of each client and family members. The treatment will be monitored and adjusted as needed throughout their stay at Addiction Rehab Vancouver and during the aftercare phase.

Why Call?

Addiction Rehab Vancouver creates a comfortable and relaxing environment that facilitates the healing process. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment contributes to our high success rate of people who stay free from addiction after leaving our facility.

An Individualized Approach to Addiction Treatment

Addiction Rehab Vancouver embraces the fact that all individuals are different. That’s why we consider every person’s social, psychological, cultural, spiritual and physical needs when we assess them and develop a customized treatment program. Their circumstances that surround addiction is different for every person. Our professionals gives everyone the attention they need and adjust the treatment approaches if needed to get the best possible outcome.

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