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What is Alcohol Detox?


Alcohol Detox Treatment Near Me

Although over 70% of Canadian adults drink alcohol, the vast majority do so responsibly. For some people, though, safe enjoyment of alcoholic beverages can cross the line into tolerance – the ability to drink progressively larger quantities without getting drunk – and dependence.

When a person is dependent on alcohol, the body believes that it needs alcohol in order to survive. As a result, a user who has not had alcohol for a period of time experiences intense cravings, as well as some uncomfortable and potentially dangerous physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. These cravings and symptoms are frequently the downfall of people who are attempting to give up drinking.

Addiction Rehab Toronto provides medically supervised alcohol detox for its recovering addicts. Not only does this give the individual physical and psychological support during an extremely challenging time, it greatly increases their chances of a lifelong recovery.

muscles pain

How serious are alcohol detox symptoms?

Like withdrawal from most substances, the nature and severity of alcohol detox varies greatly from one person to the next. Those who have been addicted to alcohol for longer periods of time generally suffer more severe symptoms, but other factors include the physical and mental health of the user and the use of other substances in conjunction with the alcohol.

In some cases, unmonitored alcohol detox can cause a serious condition called delirium tremens. The symptoms include the following:

  • Muscle pain, shaking and seizures
  • Insomnia, night sweats and nightmares
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Dehydration
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Illness resulting from electrolyte imbalances
  • Loss of consciousness

Is alcohol detox necessary?

Many people who acknowledge that they are dependent on alcohol believe that they do not need to stop drinking completely or permanently. It is not enough to merely cut back on alcohol consumption: alcoholism is a lifelong disease that can be triggered by the slightest exposure to alcohol. Alcohol detox is challenging, but it is an absolutely essential first step to alcohol addiction recovery.

Addiction Rehab Toronto has professionals who ensure that clients are well taken care of during their periods of alcohol medical detox. Recovering addicts are guided through their cravings, given support for psychological symptoms such as anxiety or paranoia, and kept safe during medically supervised withdrawal.

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