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Addiction Rehab Montreal


Drug Rehab – Alcohol Rehab Montreal

How We Can Help

Addiction Rehab Montreal creates welcoming environment while providing extensive treatment for people and families who suffer from a range of addictions. Our compassionate and experienced team uses a holistic approach to treatment so people have the tools to sustain long term recovery and live with purpose.

parents and loved ones

To Worried Parents And Loved Ones

We understand how stressful it is when you or someone you know is suffering from addiction and addiction-related issues. Many people feel lost and don’t know what to do to begin the recovery process. Know that our team at Addiction Rehab Montreal is here to welcome you anytime and we will be with you every step of the way. All you have to do is call our office to explain your situation and we will guide you on the next steps.

We are not only experienced in working with people with addictions, but we have also recovered from substance abuse disorder ourselves. We understand the importance of not just treating external issues like depression but to also work on underlying emotional issues that are driving specific behaviour. Addressing all the layers of problems helps with long term and sustained healing.

We use this approach because whenever there are unresolved problems, it can lead to destructive behaviour if we only treat external issues. During the time with us, people are given the essential tools and knowledge to sustain long term recovery. As part of our program, young adults are given a strong sense of self-awareness to remain drug free.

To get the best possible results, we strongly encourage the whole family to be part of the healing process through family sessions. We communicate often with loved ones to report updates and progress.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatments

Addiction Rehab Montreal is a premier facility that provides holistic and personalized treatment for a range of drug and alcohol addictions. Some of the most common types of addictions we treat include opioids, alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

Because everyone has a unique circumstance and story, our team uses a customized approach for each person. We implement a range of approaches depending on the person we are working with and make adjustments as necessary so they are equipped with the essential tools to overcome addiction, sustain long term recovery and repair damaged relationships.

To develop a personalized treatment plan, the first step is to do a comprehensive assessment for every client and their families. It is important for everyone to be able to speak honestly and openly in a safe environment which is why we meet with family members separately. Afterwards, the assessments are used as a foundation to develop a customized plan for the client’s inpatient recovery and long term care.

We work closely with every person and if it’s needed, we also integrate traditional approaches during the treatment. We adjust the treatment as needed during their stay at Addiction Rehab Montreal and aftercare.

Why Call?

We’ve seen many people who don’t know where to get support or what steps to take to effectively recover from addiction. Some people have no idea what to do if someone they love who is suffering from the pains of addiction. Connect with us anytime so we can guide you on the next steps and provide support on the journey to recovery. Addiction Rehab Montreal creates a comfortable and welcoming that is conducive to healing.

An Individualized Approach to Addiction Treatment

The personalized approach that we take at Addiction Rehab Montreal has contributed to the high success rate of clients who have been free from addiction over the long term. Everyone responds differently to certain treatment techniques and it’s important to make adjustments along the way to get the best possible results. Because we work holistically, we always consider someone’s cultural, spiritual, psychological, and physical needs.

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