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Drug Intervention Program in Toronto


Drug Rehab Intervention Program in Toronto, ON

Addiction Rehab Toronto offers a professional drug intervention program in which a team of professionals will arrive at a designated location to help try and convince an individual that life changes need to be made with regards to their addiction.

Families of the loved one have the ability to contact the centre to organize this intervention. In which case, the family collaborates with the Intake Director and assigns professionals to perform the intervention. This may require some work on the families end, such as arranging a place to bring the person of concern in to help.

A theory known as the Transtheoretical Model of Change aids in understanding if an individual is ready to abstain from substances and commit themselves to treatment and recovery.

model of change

Model of Change

Pre-contemplation – Has not thought about seeking help or views the self as a source of change. Possibly blames others for substance dependency or addiction. The best appraoch for this stage is to raise awareness and suggest reevaluating the consequences of actions.

Contemplation – Has had thoughts of seeking help. The individual is aware that a problem exists and is seriously contemplating or thinking about overcoming it.

Preparation – Is ready for help and willing to personally transform or change into living a life of sobriety.

Action – Learns and performs the necessary acts to maintain sobriety. This may include many different techniques such as mindful breathing, meditation, keeping in contact with your sponser.

Maintenance – Regularly performs the acts needed to stay sober, continues to learn and perform what is needed in order to maintain sobriety.

Eventually after prolonged maintenance there is the Extinction Phase however it can be rare for those with severe addictions. It is common that maintenance is needed for life-long sobriety.

Process of an Intervention

Within an intervention, Addiction Rehab Toronto’s team focuses on moving the client from the pre-contemplation stage of change to the next, contemplation. The individual can begin to recognize the magnitude of their actions and start to consider making positive changes in this contemplation stage. The intervention team at Addiction Rehab Toronto has the goal is to move the client to the third stage of change, preparation. This stage is characterized by a desire to take action and make small, a willingness for the initial steps towards abstinence. Addiction Rehab Toronto’s intervention team understands that making a decision to become sober while in active substance use can be incredibly difficult. An individual may lack complete awareness that their thoughts and behaviours are not only impacting themselves, but loved ones surrounding them and society as a whole. As a family member or close friend, having the assistance of addictions specialists can make a significant impact into convincing your loved one that it is time to take action and move towards a life of sobriety.

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