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what are club party drugs


Club and Party Drugs Addiction


What are club/party drugs?

Most club/party drugs are stimulants that increase the user’s energy and alertness. As their name suggests, their use is associated with nightclubs, parties and other similar social gatherings. The most well-known example of a club/party drug is Ecstasy, which became popular in the 1980’s among teenagers and young adults at all-night dance parties, or “raves”.

Some club/party drugs have a sedative effect. GHB, for example, produces an effect similar to alcohol: relaxed and sociable in low doses, and dizzy or drowsy in high doses. GHB is sometimes referred to as a “date rape drug”, because there are reports of it having been slipped into drinks to prevent drugged victims from resisting sexual assault.

Although club/party drug addiction mostly affects teenagers and young adults, it is a rising problem among an increasingly broad spectrum of users.

party drug addiction

How harmful is club/party drug addiction?

In spite of a perception that Ecstasy and other club/party drugs are safe, they can be extremely dangerous. Because of the settings in which they are used, they are frequently taken in conjunction with other substances, like alcohol, and this can result in some harmful – sometimes fatal – effects.

Ecstasy in particular causes increased body temperature and heart rate. These effects are exacerbated by all-night dancing, and can lead to cardiac arrest, stroke and seizures. The sedative drugs like GHB, on the other hand, can result in sudden loss of consciousness, which is especially dangerous if the user is driving or operating machinery.

Many of the club/party drugs alter the chemistry of the brain by causing surges of serotonin, which is an important component of emotional regulation, energy and appetite. These effects can have long-term ramifications for memory, learning and cognitive functioning.

Where can I get help for club/party drug addiction?

One of the dangers of club/party drugs is that they vary in quality and composition, so that users do not know exactly what they are taking. The consequences can be unpredictable, sudden and harmful. These risks increase with the dosage and frequency of use. It is therefore essential that people with a club/party drug addiction seek help as quickly as possible.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is an inpatient addiction treatment and rehabilitation centre located in Toronto. Through our holistic approach to recovery, we help our clients resolve issues in all aspects of their lives, so that they can lead full, productive lives without resorting to substances or self-destructive behaviour.

For more information, please visit our club/party drug addiction treatment page.

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