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Recreational Outings in Toronto, ON

Addiction Rehab Toronto is very unique for many reasons, one of which is the weekly outings we offer to clients. At ART we value reintroducing daily routines, socializing, exercise and trust. By giving clients an opportunity to step offsite with staff we are giving them a chance to value healthy behaviours. In active addiction, individuals are consumed by substances and isolation, their world is restricted, therefore, it is an important part of the healing process to help clients open their world and experience joy in simple activities. Something as simple as going for coffee in the morning can re-establish structure, routine and fun in recovery! This type of outing can offer an opportunity for clients who may struggle with trusting others and having low self-esteem an opportunity to express themselves in a more comfortable, confident and open environment. We also offer weekly outings on Saturday afternoons such as going to the movies, hiking, paddle boating, volleyball and painting. We believe that boredom can hinder a person’s recovery, so having fun in recovery and building new memories being sober is extremely enjoyable and empowering. A huge benefit of Addiction Rehab Toronto being located in the city also allows clients to interact with other people on outings and process the social anxiety one might experience in a safe environment. Being in treatment in a bubble far away from society doesn’t allow people to experience and overcome these obstacles in ones recovery which then can lead to relapse. At ART our intention is to treat the addiction by treating the person, with that intention we strive to encourage our clients to be respectful, grateful within daily routines and to learn the structure of trust in and out of relationships, all of which are essential skills for long term recovery.

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