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Our Holistic Approach


Holistic Drug Treatment

Addiction Rehab Toronto prides itself on maintaining both a client-centred and holistic approach to Addiction and Addictive behaviour treatment. Holistic treatment means providing alternative ways of doing that are natural, harmonious and include an array of diverse methodologies to support and guide individuals for the future after treatment.

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Our holistic treatment is geared to work with individuals to make aware of the potential imbalance in the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental factors which can be burdening or lacking in life. Holistic treatments provides individuals different ways of learning, doing and practicing to help battle, perform and cope with these unbalanced.

We promote holistic treatment through the physical by not promoting additional substances to help work through issues that come with Addictions. We empower individuals to be outside, go for walks, go to the gym, and provide opportunities of both fitness and spiritual awakening through Boxing, Reiki, Yoga and Muay Thai. Holistic treatment of the physical means taking care of the body, so the inner self is supported; which we promote by making proper diet, nutrition, and sleep key aspects of daily routine.

Our spiritual approach to holistic needs promote purpose and motivation and guide individuals to recognize their goals in life. With counsellors and psychotherapists, we support individuals find client-centred strategies and plans to reach the goals. We based our spiritual goals on self-actualization, we can reach spiritual awakening through reiki, mindfulness meditation, personal reflections and yoga.

Our emotional and mental approach to holistic needs is about teaching how to balance life and how to balance emotional regulation. We promote therapeutic ways of dealing with emotions that does not involve the use of substances. We want to guide individuals on how to process strong emotions in the moment. We follow our spiritual activities by teaching alternative ways to deal with depression or anxiety such as breathing techniques, journalling, counselling, and mindfulness. We start the day with meditation which paves the mind, body and soul to enhance self-reflection, self-awareness and self-care. A holistic approach does not end with our treatment program, we offer a life-time after care program which promotes a sense of belonging and community.

See Treatment and Programs for more in-depth information about specific practices we use in Addiction treatment at Addiction Rehab Toronto. For information on our Holistic Approach to Addiction treatment, please give us a call at 1-855-787-2424, or email us at We’ll be happy to help you.

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