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Family Counselling Programs

Family Counselling Toronto

Family Counselling Centre in Toronto, ON

“Just a quick email to let you know what a great job you are doing facilitating the Family Support Meetings held every Thursday evening. The way you approach the topics we cover in these meetings is always interesting, inspirational and light-hearted… and God knows we need a bit of humor in our lives, due to the stress/anxiety that most of the family members are feeling.

You always create an environment that allows family members to talk openly and honestly about their feelings in a non-judgmental environment. This goes along way in reducing the distress and anxiety that we often feel as a result of the addiction battles that our loved ones are going thru.

In conclusion, I’d like to express my gratitude for your support, advice and positive thoughts. You are a wonderful counsellor and I wish you continued success and happiness in every aspect of your life.

Warmest Wishes, M.C”

Addiction does not just affect the individual but also family and friends.  Family can be biologically or chosen, they are the people who we share our strongest emotional connections. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we offer Family Counselling as a resource to support family, partners and friends with loved ones suffering from Addiction. Family counselling is an integral part of helping those struggling with alcohol, substance abuse and other addictive behaviours.

A family is a system, and in any system, each part is related to every other part. A change in any part of a system tends to bring change to every other part. When an individual is struggling with addiction, more often than not, everyone around also suffers in some way.

family issues and concerns

Family Counselling at Addiction Rehab Toronto

Every Thursday of each month, we offer Family Counselling. During these sessions, each member is given equal respect and time to communicate thoughts and feels to our clinical staff about any the past, issues, concerns, or achievements made during time within Addiction and Addiction Recovery. For example: A member may open about they perceive the behaviour of their loved ones during addiction and how it affected them.

Our clinical staff will establish the strengths of each member and creating solutions to current and future potential Family issues and concerns. Our team will help families understand setting boundaries, and respecting their loved ones boundaries within Addiction Recovery. There will be discussions on developing strategies of effective communication from each member, which can influence positivity, empowerment and motivation to help their loved one overcoming addiction struggles.

Family sessions can offer Hope. It can offer hope for future possibilities of a strengthen relationship built on re-learned and re-gained trust and honesty.

In Family support sessions, we offer unique solution building which has proven to help with reducing family resentment based on past experiences. In addition, we understand it takes time, especially if loved ones have caused heart ache, mistrust and other emotional hurdles, we utilize a strengths-based and solution-focused approach to gather details from each member about their SUCCESS Plan. A SUCCESS plan consists of education and practical skills that can be used to strengthen and improve the bond between family members.

S – Seize a vision.

U – Use your vision to set goals.

C – Conceive a plan.

– Contemplate resources.

E – Expand skills and abilities.

S – Spend time sensibly.

S – Start! Get organized and go!

Benefits of Family Counselling Sessions at Addiction Rehab Toronto

If you’ve been living with someone who has been struggling with addiction, you understand how exhausting it can be. Your loved one isn’ the only person who needs support. Take the time needed to take care of yourself, it’s ok to ask for help as well. There are other support groups outside of the one we offer, if extra support is needed, perhaps talk to a psychotherapist or take up activities that support your mental health; join a gym, journal, and/or start a new hobby.

There is no easy-fix for addiction, expecting your loved one to come home “cured” from rehab is unrealistic and those expectations can become problematic. It is important to understand that support from family and friends is vital for recovery and maintaining sobriety. By creating a healthy environment for your loved one, it reduces the temptation for substance use or drinking. The early days, post-treatment, can be especially lonely, but having the understanding of close friends and family  can lay the foundation for continued success in sobriety. For recovery to be effective, the entire family system has to be committed towards betterment.

Here are some benefits of Family Counselling:

  • Family members will learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve how to effectively communicate feelings by learning how to become more honest.
  • Learn how to resolve issues in a constructive manner.
  • Develop better parent-child communication.
  • Gain clear perspective of how each member in the family functions and each family members role.
  • Develop an understanding of family member strengths and how to come to solutions

For More Information:

If you’re looking for Family Counselling sessions, please call our helpline – +1 (855) 787 – 2424.

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