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ACCREDITATION, What does Accreditation mean at Addiction Rehab Toronto?

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What does Accreditation mean at Addiction Rehab Toronto?

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It’s that time of year again and Addiction Rehab Toronto’s Accreditation Team is working hard with Accreditation Canada to provide the best Addiction treatment program in Toronto and Canada. This year, the focus for health-care facilities is client/family engagement and client safety. As part of our organizational values, we are determined to use evidence-based best practices to provide the best quality of service for clients and families covering Leadership, Substance Abuse, Health & Safety, Medical Management and Infection Prevention and Control.

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is a non-profit federal organization that dedicates health and social services to uphold the highest standards of quality in health and social services. Addiction Rehab Toronto is honored to be part of the Qmentum Accreditation Program evidencing the best and highest quality of Addiction treatment.

Client Safety

Addiction Rehab Toronto first priority is the safety of clients and staff. Addiction Rehab Toronto fosters an environment of respect for diversity. The agency endorses the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code. All employees and clients are expected to respect the diversity of experience, religious expression, cultural and racial heritage, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity of all people. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, safety means treating clients with respect and dignity; protecting client privacy, confidentiality and security. Addiction Rehab Toronto follows the rights and responsibilities developed and mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, our client safety plan is proactive, preventative, supportive, and responsive. Client Safety means the reduction and mitigation of unsafe clients within our Addictions treatment centre. The client Safety Plan is a roadmap for safe client care that designates specific mitigation strategies to address high priority client risks at Addiction Rehab Toronto. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of each individual that walks into our doors is met with compassion, empathy, and comfort. Our plan considers the safety issues of the centre, the delivery of services, and the needs of clients, staff, and families. Our facility implements many safety precautions and policies to prevent, assess and analyze the potential safety risks. With the nature of work in Addictions and working with humans, the risk of potential client systematic issue is possible.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, as an aspect of client-centred treatment, we engage our clients to be part of the decision-making practice. Clients are encouraged to engage with staff to be involved in treatment planning, and leadership support.

Client/Family Engagement

Addiction Rehab Toronto first values creating a client safety culture that supports the collaboration and partnership of clients, families, team, and community. This is done to prove the supporting structures, policies, information and tools to ensure the purpose of the client, family and community participation and collaboration  fits the needs, and capacity of our clients. Client safety values at Addiction Rehab Toronto are: Safety, Client-centredness, Coordination of Care, Equality, Effectiveness and Efficiency.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we understand that the current gaps within the best practice in Addictions are limited within the team, client, family, and partner engagement. It is an expectation that the Addiction Rehab Toronto team engages in consultation, collaboration and/or co-design of client-centred treatment plans with clients and families. The Addiction Rehab Toronto Client Safety Plan is designed to maintain ongoing vigilance around foundational client safety communication and transparency and to ensure focused attention and resources are dedicated to key priorities that require urgent safety, Action and improvement. The plan requires collaboration between staff members, physicians, nurses, administration, interns, volunteers, clients, families, and the greater community.

Addiction Rehab Toronto value family engagement in reflection to best practice. Addiction Rehab Toronto provides comprehensive client-centred Addiction treatment for individuals and their families experience substance abuse, behavioural problems, and resulting life challenges. As a guiding principle, Addiction Rehab Toronto values and commitment lies in safety, client-centredness, confidentiality, transparent communication and love for those seeking change in their lives as well as support services for families.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we engage in Family collaboration as a resource to support family, partners, and friends with loved ones suffering from Addiction. Family collaboration is an integral part of supporting an individual to meet the services needed within Addiction Recovery. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we encourage families to be a part of the goal-based approach to treatment. Our clinical staff will establish the strengths of each member and creating solutions to current and future potential Family issues and concerns. Our team will help families understand setting boundaries, and respecting their loved one’s boundaries within Addiction Recovery. There will be discussions on developing strategies of effective communication from each member, which can influence positivity, empowerment, and motivation to help their loved one overcoming Addiction struggles. Addiction Rehab Toronto encourages the input of goals, objectives, and monitorization of families and clients.

Education and Awareness

Addiction Rehab Toronto is considered a Teaching Facility. We strive to motivate new professionals, bringing in new lived experience and evidence-based practices: hold us accountable to promoting high-quality treatment programming in a field like Addictions, which is so often misunderstood. We use website, podcasts, social media and academic resources.

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