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Family Addiction Programs


Family Addiction Programs in Toronto, ON

Addiction effects more than the individual, it is a family crisis that can negatively impact our support systems and those closest to us such as our partners, siblings, parents, children, and friends. When a loved one is struggling with addiction, it is difficult for those around them as well. As a result, families may feel alone, lost and unsure as to how to cope or where to turn for help. Our intention for the Family Program is to support families with managing these emotions and provide education, awareness and resources to utilize throughout their own recovery as well as the recovery of their loved one. Our focus is to support complex relational patterns and facilitate family recovery in finding ways that will bring about productive change for the entire family. At ART we know the importance of understanding, which is why our family recovery program involves learning how to comprehend one’s self and others through self-awareness, problem-solving and cognitive restructuring.

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The Family Program discusses several topics that are specific to addiction and/or recovery such as Relapse Prevention, Early Recovery, Co-dependency, Enabling, Boundaries, what to expect when your loved when graduates the program and the importance of continued support through Family Counselling. The Family Program is offered weekly on Wednesday evenings from 730pm-9pm online for no extra fee.

It is our main goal here at ART to ensure each client completes their treatment after every effort is made to set them up for a successful and long-term recovery. It is equally important for us to ensure families feel supported and prepared for the re-integration of their loved one returning back home.

When a loved one suffers from drug or alcohol dependency, it affects family and friends close to that person. One of the primary goals of treating addiction is attempting to regain trust and heal the emotional wounds that have been inflicted due to this abuse. Addiction Rehab Toronto’s Family Addiction Programs treat the patient and those around them for a more complete and beneficial rehabilitation.

Benefits of Family Addiction Programs, Toronto

There are many benefits and advantages to family addiction treatment, including:

  • Lessens Chance of Relapse: By helping to repair relationships in an addict’s life, we’re able to create a better support system with open lines of communication. This makes it easier for a patient to reach out later on
  • Helps to Find Root Causes: Oftentimes addiction is partially fueled or affected by relationships in a person’s life.  Family therapy can help to show patterns, behaviors and dynamics that need to be worked on to prevent relapse.
  • Allows Loved Ones a Chance to Talk: Addiction often causes many negative feelings in those around the sufferer. Our structured therapy gives family and friends a space where they can let out those emotions in a productive way that will aid in healing for everyone.
  • Group Exercises and Therapy: A large part of our family treatment sessions include exercises to regain trust, start focused discussion and give you emotional tools to use throughout therapy and beyond.
  • Education: One of the primary problems with addiction is that neither the patient nor loved ones understands the physical and psychological components of dependency. We offer comprehensive educational tools to help everyone understand the disease and its treatment.

Our Approach to Family Addiction Programs, Toronto

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we approach family treatment by counseling both the sufferer and those around them. We have a variety of methods to individualize treatment while also recognizing the family is a unit which needs to work together. If you or a loved one is in need of treatment, contact us at 855-787-2425 to discuss options for individual and group therapy.

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