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Sara Salehi, M.S. | Yoga Instructor Toronto

Sara Salehi

M.S, Yoga Instructor

Sara is a yoga instructor with specific training in supporting clients struggling with addiction and trauma. Her background with The Canadian Armed Forces allows her to combine hands-on strategies with holistic training to help manage stress and relieve tension. Sara has her Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and offers specialized workshops/group yoga sessions that focus on breathing and movement to enhance brain and body awareness. With this awareness, clients are able to focus on recovery from trauma (i.e. PTSD) and physical addiction. The connection between mind, body and soul is consistent with the therapeutic techniques used at Addiction Rehab Toronto such as CBT and DBT. It is also an excellent approach in developing strategies for Anger Management and Relapse Prevention. Sara excels in building rapport with clients and ensures she provides a safe, inclusive space for everyone to heal.

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