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Richard Harris, Intervention Specialist

Richard Harris

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Specialist

Richard (“Rick”) has his beginnings in Counselling at Sobriety House in Ottawa. During this time, he attended Algonquin College to study Trauma/Addictions. His motivation to dedicate his livelihood to the addiction field stems from his decades of personal experience with Active Addiction, Childhood Abuse, and Trauma.

Rick previously worked at Renascent Addiction Treatment Centre as an Counsellor for 3 1/2 years, where he worked one on one with clients empowering them and resolving personal issues. Rick enjoys helping clients set proper goals and overcome barriers in their recovery. During his employment, he obtained his C.P.I training in Non-violent Crisis Intervention. He is certified in First Aid & C.P.R. level 3 with A.E.D awareness.

Rick has chosen to turn his personal experience with overcoming addiction into an opportunity to help others recover from trauma, abuse, and addiction. Through showing compassion and understanding. His experience of over a decade in Recovery and personal growth has provided him with a firm foundation for both his own recovery and the skill and knowledge to help other. Rick looks forward to continuing his experience working with clients at Addiction Rehab Toronto – New Beginnings Sober Living. He hopes in providing, just that, “A New Beginning” for all the clients he interacts with.

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