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Dwayne Walker, Registered Psychotherapist

Dwayne Walker

Registered Psychotherapist | M.A, B.Sc., CTRI

Dwayne received his B.Sc in psychology at Windsor University and then continued his education at Saybrook University. Here he completed his M.A in Counselling with a focus on Existential Humanistic Psychology. Dwayne employs a holistic wellness approach in his therapy sessions at Addiction Rehab Toronto alongside a medical model approach to treatment. Earlier in his career as Dwayne worked as a volunteer counsellor with the Canadian Centre for Men and Families where he worked with a high client volume facilitating group programs and projects. His experience comes from working with people of all ages; diverse groups of children, young adults, and adults. Dwayne also works as personal trainer and motivational coach, transferring and generalizing this knowledge into his therapy as well. His certifications include Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI), CanFitPro, and CPR/First Aid.

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