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Corey Forrester | Fitness & Muay Thai Instructor

Corey Forrester

Fitness & Muay Thai Instructor,  P.T.C S.E.T 

Corey is a specialist in Exercise Therapy with over ten years of experience treating post rehabilitation, weight control, and malnourishment. He educates not only through technique, breathing, movement, muscular recognition, and muscular control, but addresses how mental stresses have a physical effect on the body. He also shines light upon the issue of Nutrition and how it can create a mental and physical inability to think and process stress and anxiety normally. Corey obtains an extensive background in mixed martial arts that allows him to train as well as instruct classes. He includes this as part of his regular training regimen and continues to excel and instruct patients in this field.
What Corey wants to accomplish at Addictions Rehab Toronto is to show each individual how they can be successful in accomplishing the first steps in recovering their body, mind, and spirit. Corey wants all patients to gain new knowledge and excitement for exercise and nutrition while understanding what effects it can have on the body and mind during their recovery and thereafter. Corey believes that with a new confidence in one’s self and one’s capabilities, patients will have the ability to strive after recovery.
Certificates: Specialist in exercise therapy (SET), Sports Nutrition cert., Stress Management cert., Technical Weightlifting cert., Personal Training cert., First Aid and CPR cert., Strength and Sports Conditioning Diploma

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