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Jim McKenny, Recovery Coach

Jim McKenny

Recovery Coach Former NHL Player (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Jim McKenny was an NHL hockey player for 15 years, and a sportscaster at CityTV in Toronto for 25 years. From his teenage years well into his 40’s, he battled addiction to alcohol and drugs. Jim used to believe it was the pressure to perform consistently at an expert level that led him to seek an escape. Now he knows that he had lost the power to choose. Clean and sober for 25 years, McKenny has discovered that the power is in the process of recovery. His approach “Big Book One on One” is all about that discovery. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, Jim has found the perfect place to share his experience, strength and hope with others in his role as a 12 Step Study Counselor. If you would like to learn more about Jim, check out his podcast with him and Clinical Director Alexandra Perry.

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