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Valentino Colavecchia | Addictions Counsellor

Valentino Colavecchia

C.A.C.C.F, C.Y.W, Clinical Supervisor, Director of Sober Living

From client to counsellor, Valentino comes to Addiction Rehab Toronto with a comprehensive understanding of how to help those struggling with challenging behaviors and mental health issues.  After graduating with a Child and Youth Care diploma in 2003, Valentino began working within the education sector which continued for almost 15 years supporting At Risk Youth and Multiple Exceptionalities.  Struggling with his own demons, in 2017 Valentino’s journey to Addiction Rehab Toronto began as a client.  After completing a 60 day program Valentino became a proud member of a 12-step fellowship and began to work with men within the 12-step program.  In 2021, Valentino began working in our Sober Living Facility as a Counselor that eventually led into a managerial position within Sober Living.  Valentino is now a full time Addictions Counselor at Addiction Rehab Toronto and has taken on a Lead Counselor role as well as coordinating our Alumni Program for graduating clients. Valentino’s personal experience with his own struggles allows him to be an essential part of the team and example to our clients.  Valentino is very passionate about his work as a counselor and has the ability to create a therapeutic relationship based on respect, empathy and compassion –  bringing forward a client-centered approach when working with clients.

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