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Addiction Counselling


Why it is an Essential Part of the Recovery Process

Addiction counselling is something many people view as being “extra” when it comes to the recovery process. However, successfully kicking an addiction, regardless of whether it is to alcohol, prescription drugs, or something else, is a difficult road. For those suffering from an opioid addiction, it can be even more challenging, as the detox process is just the beginning of fighting the long-term battle of cravings and the possibility of a relapse. This is where addiction counselling Toronto can be invaluable.

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What Addiction Counselling Has to Offer

The fact is, addiction counselling is a vital part of any drug abuse recovery and treatment program for many people. Family counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy and even other types of therapy can provide assistance to those who are suffering from addiction and ensure they remain clean. Additionally, some are even using psychotherapy as part of addiction counselling to help with the mental health conditions that can contribute to the use of prescription drugs and other substances.

The Benefits of Addiction Counselling During Treatment and Recovery

The fact is, when someone is addicted, it is much more than just a physical dependency on the drug of choice. Even after they have gone through the detox process, and the physical dependence part of the issue has been resolved, an addict is at a very high risk to relapse. With addiction counselling the social and psychological factors that often cause relapse can be addressed and the person who is recovering can learn how to cope with these issues, without resorting to the use of a drug or alcohol.

What Type of Addiction Counselling is Best?

There are more than a few options when it comes to addiction counselling. Currently, there is no scientific proof that one of the counselling methods is better than the other. Additionally, there is no one approach that is right for everyone that is suffering from an addiction. In fact, the right addiction counselling option is going to be determined by looking at the person’s individual needs.

Group versus Individual Addiction Counselling

While any type of addiction counselling for drug addiction is going to be better than none at all, in most cases, group sessions are going to be the preferred option over individual therapy sessions. During group addiction counselling sessions, the person is going to receive support, but also be challenged by the other people who are also going through the recovery process. This will make sure they remain accountable and it will reduce the likelihood of relapse in the future.

The good news is, that the majority of recovery programs today offer some type of addiction counselling as part of the comprehensive treatment in Toronto. This will help ensure that everyone going through the recovery process gets the individual treatment they need to remain clean and avoid a relapse in the future. An individual can speak with their addiction recovery specialist to learn more about the type of addiction counselling available to them.

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