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It is often said that drug addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can start the process of recovery. This is not the case at all: in many cases, rock bottom is death. It is critical that people struggling with addictions get help as soon as possible. Entry into a drug rehab program can be a life-changing and life-saving experience.

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How does Toronto Drug Rehabilitation centre help?

In Canada, addiction is recognized as a chronic neurobiological disease with multiple causes, including genetic factors, psychological factors and environmental influences. It is characterized by intense cravings and irresistible compulsions to use the substance in spite of the often dire consequences. Many individuals try to stop using drugs or beat alcohol by themselves, but they find that they are unable to cope with the cravings or deal with the symptoms of detox, or withdrawal.

Entry into a drug rehab program vastly improves the individual’s chances of quitting use of the substance, and of permanently staying away from it. The benefits of Addiction Rehab Toronto’s inpatient program, a Toronto Drug Rehabilitation centre, include the following:

  • Clients who are going through detox are placed under medical supervision so that they can be protected from the frightening and sometimes dangerous symptoms of withdrawal
  • As clients are housed in a safe place away from their regular environments, they are able to focus on themselves and their recovery without being distracted by outside influences
  • We do not treat addictions, we treat human beings – clients coming through our doors receive help in all areas of their lives, increasing their chances of permanent recovery
  • Clients are in an environment that allows them to safely experiment with different ways of coping with cravings and drug use triggers
  • Those who use prescription drugs for valid medical reasons can be monitored to ensure that the drugs are not triggering addictive compulsions
  • Individuals who are struggling with addictions in conjunction with mental illnesses are placed onto a treatment program that addresses both conditions

What happens in a drug rehab program?

Our Drug rehab addiction treatment and rehab programs vary from person to person as we consider each client’s unique needs. One of the cornerstones of our programs is one on one therapy. It is essential for recovering addicts to be given dedicated time with a professional therapist to explore issues that lie behind their addictions. Dealing with the root causes of addiction is critical to the ongoing recovery of our clients.

Group therapy is another important component that provides clients with a support network, helps them feel less alone, and gives them opportunities to gain insights from the perspectives and experiences of others.

Addiction Rehab Toronto draws from a diverse range of other therapeutic methods, including fitness and nutrition, yoga, and therapy that incorporates art, music and photography. Support is also provided for loved ones who have been affected by the addiction.

An individualized approach to drug rehab

Addiction Rehab Toronto provides top quality drug rehab in Toronto, with programs tailored to meet the needs of its clients. We embrace the uniqueness of all individuals, and we recognize the fact that the circumstances surrounding addictions never the same from one person to the next. Our drug rehab programs are highly customized to meet the physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs of our clients.

For more information, please call Addiction Rehab Toronto at 1-855-787-2424 or email

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