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Sober Living: Benefits for Addicts Looking for Long-Term Sobriety


Sober Living in Toronto

The moment you set foot out of the addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility is the time you are face to face with reality and this is quite frightening for recovering addicts. Rehab programs provide intensive therapy, stringent rules and schedules to be followed, and carefully planned routines for residents in the facility. Patients do not even have to make many practical decisions on a day to day basis when they are at the rehab centre. All rehab programs are designed like this in order to highlight recovery to the substance addict. Treatment and sobriety are the main focus of these treatment programs.

sober living and the outside world

Sober Living and the Outside World

There is a world of difference when you walk outside the rehab centre and face the outside world. Recovering addicts no longer have the restrictions and limits and they have hassle-free access to alcohol and drugs once more. The outside world allows you to contact people in your old life including those who triggered and fueled your substance addiction in the first place. You get to face the pressures and conflicts you were exposed to during your addiction phase.

Making Huge Choices Once More

One of the most daunting realities for recovering addicts is the truth that they will be taking charge of their choices once again. In fact, there are unlimited decisions you have to make and this is unnerving and overwhelming especially for someone who has spent months having their lives scheduled and planned out for them. Sober living facilities are designed to make the transition less abrupt and much easier for people who have recently left the rehab centre.

Sober Living Advantages

Sober living facilities house individuals who are recovering from substance use disorder. These are group homes where residents are required to strictly follow the house rules that are being enforced, however, they could also pursue their personal activities such as school or work, along with setting their schedules.

Sober Living General House Rules

  • Drugs, alcohol and gambling items are not allowed
  • Residents must comply with curfews and submit to periodic and random drug tests
  • Residents pay rent, are in charge of their own living spaces and should buy their own food
  • Residents should do their chores and participate in maintaining the common areas of the sober living house

Group home settings are effective options for recovering individuals who have no strong family support and need time in order to reintegrate back into society, starting with deciding on their life direction. Sober living houses also provide the right balance of independence and structure.

Sober Living Benefits:

  • Group home settings offer a protected environment where they can be responsible.
  • Sober living houses offer a built-in support network especially when recovering addicts feel isolated and lonely.
  • Sober living facilities are typically located in neighbourhoods that are quiet and conducive to sobriety.
  • Group homes have zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol.

Sober living houses are combined with an effective aftercare program to help recovering addicts that are struggling with the exhausting and difficult challenges of recovery. These settings help and support the individuals as they adjust to their new life and stay sober for good.

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