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one-on-one counselling in toronto

Our Program

One-on-One Counselling


One-on-One Counselling in Toronto

Frequently scheduled therapy sessions with our Addiction Therapy Specialists allow the residents to learn about themselves and their behaviours. With addiction comes cravings and self seeking behaviour that affect a person’s life – our one-on-one therapy sessions get to the root of the biological, physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual elements of the person’s life. The private nature of this type of counselling ensures our clients to feel safe while discussing situations, or triggers which one may go through in which they may otherwise be too shy to do so. This is considered the most trusting atmosphere where clients can feel at ease and be themselves, giving them the opportunity to dive deeply into their challenges, with a personal focus on solving the issues presented.

practical guidelines

Group Counselling

Group Counselling helps the client recover from the isolation that addictive behaviours have brought them to. Group counselling aids in the removal of self-destructive behaviour, as well as develops a feeling of camaraderie. Group sessions help our clients learn and develop important social skills. Our group counselling sessions are supported by topic based discussions, Relapse prevention, Life Skills, Goal setting and team-building activities.

12 Steps

  • The opportunity to connect with other people in recovery at meetings and events around the community
  • Access to motivational speakers and literature to help them reach their recovery goals
  • Practical guidelines and strategies for coping with the daily challenges of addiction
  • The guidance of a sponsor who can lead them through the 12 steps, providing strength and motivation
  • Weekly 12 Step Study Groups with Addiction Facilitator
  • Attending 12 Step meetings on a weekly basis
  • Daily Meditation
  • Goal Setting
  • Life Skills
  • Out Patient Counselling 

Intro to Mutual Help Groups & Community Support 

  • The opportunity to explore other meetings around the community that are not 12 Step Based Programs.
  • SMART Recovery
  • CBT / DBT
  • Out Patient Counselling
  • Goal Setting
  • Life Skills 
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