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Ashley Galante, B.A Social Work | Addictions Counsellor

Ashley Galante

B.A Social Work. Addictions Counsellor

Ashley is a compassionate and motivated Social Work Graduate from Ryerson University. Ashley also minored with honours in psychology with future plans of mastering in clinical psychology to continue with her career goals within the addiction and mental health sector. Ashley has experience in the mental health field as a program coordinator, facilitator, one-on-one counsellor and program planner. In her experience, she created her own relapse prevention plan along with many other relevant workshops that were facilitated in group sessions to clients struggling with addiction. Ashley utilizes a trauma-informed lends when working with children, youth and adult from diverse backgrounds to help identify underlying issues and provide tools that meet different situations to each individual she serves. Ashley’s client service interaction is valued through her dedication, strong work ethic and experience in mentorship programs, individual counseling and group workshop facilitation. She also values working in interdisciplinary teams effectively to meet mutual goals, both self-sufficiently and as an encouraging team member. Ashley is also dedicated to creating therapeutic relationships through acceptance, honesty and empathy deriving strategies learned from her education such as cognitive behavioural therapy, spiritual approaches and mindfulness practices. Ashley places importance on setting appropriate boundaries whilst building relationships with clients, the agency and the wider social work community.

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