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Tim Borden

Addiction Therapy Specialist of Transitional Living

Tim’s approach in treatment focuses on teaching client’s self-worth, self-esteem, and self-motivation. For many years, Tim worked as a Substance Abuse Coordinator for Ford Canada where he provided treatment for many employees; facilitating gambling, bereavement, substance abuse counselling, family counselling, and anger management as an EAP representative. He has certification and experience in suicide intervention, class facilitation, relapse prevention, and also working as a 12-step mentor. He has multiple years of being in recovery and knows the struggles of staying clean and sober in long-term sobriety for himself .Watching those who struggled reunite with their families and become productive members of society strongly motivates Tim in his career. His commitment in helping clients achieve and maintain their goals in transitional living is remarkable. Tim values every clients’ needs and works one on one to make sure clients are devoted to maintaining sobriety.

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