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Addiction Recovery Checklist

5 Signs You Are Ready For Addiction Rehab

For most, recognizing the signs you are ready for addiction rehab may be difficult. It is not uncommon to have many drugs or alcohol addicts deny they need treatment. In fact, most wait till their addiction completely overwhelms them before seeking help.

For some addicts, they begin to lose interest in the things they once enjoyed. Worse, some fall deeper and deeper, taking excess amounts of drugs or alcohol. These are some of the signs you need rehab.

Addiction treatment centres offer support to alcohol addicts and substance abusers. They provide adequate professional treatment and ensure sobriety. But first, you have to know you’re ready for addiction treatment.

Over the course of this article, we will discuss the key signs that show you’re ready for professional addiction treatment. If you notice any of these in your life, get professional help.

Here’s How To Know You’re Ready For Addiction Rehab

Knowing what the signs you are ready for addiction recovery look like can save your life. You may consider your addiction not serious enough to get treatment. Also, you may be hiding behind the cloak of having everything under control.

However, when you know the indicators to look for, you can nick addiction in the bud early. If you exhibit some of the signs mentioned below, you may need to check into an addiction recovery centre.

Failing Health

How To Know You’re Ready For Addiction Rehab
Once you begin to notice a decline in your health, it is a sign you are ready for addiction rehab. Initially, addicts tend not to notice serious health complications. But as time goes, their health will deteriorate faster.

Substance abuse has an adverse impact on health and can lead to bodily harm. Your failing health may just be a telltale sign you need professional addiction treatment. For example, alcohol addicts are prone to liver and kidney issues, as well as several types of cancer. There is a limit to the level of abuse the body can take. Once that limit is exceeded, the body will react negatively.

Furthermore, when your health begins to fail, other aspects of your life may begin to suffer. Loved ones may desert you during this period. also, it may take a toll on your career. Foregoing treatment can lead to worse situations.

Some illnesses common with addiction are:

  • Lung and heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Cardiac arrest and stroke
  • Poor appetite
  • Constant headaches

Several Relapses

Relapse is inevitable when addicts think they can get sober on their own. At this stage, they are going through self-denial. They are denying that they need professional treatment. Therefore, they stop substance use for a while. However, far more often than not, they start using again. The reason is they have not developed the skills they need to change the behavioural patterns behind that addiction.

When you begin to notice you’ve had multiple relapses, it is a sign you are ready for addiction rehab. The relapse and recovery phase is common with addicts.

Although, it is very commendable to try and detox by yourself. The chances of completely doing away with such addictions on your own are minimal. Hence the need for an addiction rehab centre.

Waiting till you are sober on your own may further worsen your addiction. Once you get beyond the denial phase and accept you need help, you are ready for addiction recovery.

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Loss of Interest in Other Activities

Loss of Interest in Other Activities
Addiction is often associated with loss of interest in other activities. When you find activities that used to interest you boring, it is a sign you are ready for addiction rehab.

Addicts often isolate themselves from people whose company they enjoyed in the past. Additionally, your main focus shifts from other things to the use of the substance. You no longer make out time for loved ones, hobbies, or even your job. At this stage, addicts are mostly consumed with thoughts of the addiction.

Another of the signs you need addiction treatment in Toronto is when you start falling out with family and friends. If you shy away from functions because of your addiction, you are slowly nearing rock bottom.

In addition to the loss of interest, you spend less time doing things of value and importance. This is an obvious sign you are ready for addiction rehab. Addicts tend to spend their resources, time, and effort in acquiring the addictive substance. It’s time for you to break the chain!

Depression and Mental Illness

Undeniably, substance use affects the mental health of the user. It often goes unnoticed but it will manifest fully with time. If you are experiencing mood disorders, anxiety, and depression, it’s a sign you are ready for addiction rehab.

You may need to seek professional psychological treatment if your mental health is worsening. The effect of drugs and alcohol on the mental state of the addict ranges from mild to severe. Some may even experience suicidal thoughts after several failed attempts to achieve sobriety.

As a result of addiction, romantic relationships may fail. Thereby causing you to further plunge into substance use. This situation is likely to worsen your mental condition. Then, depression kicks in. This is one way to know you are ready for rehab.

It is difficult to administer self-help when you are noticing symptoms of depression and mental illness. The best way to go about it is to check into an addiction rehab centre. Quit letting your anger, pride, and self-denial rob you of your sanity. Don’t deal with the pain, stress, and troubles alone!

professional addiction treatment

Excess Substance Usage

Addicts often indulge in excess substance usage to give them that high feeling. Usually, their first time using a substance, they feel the effect more. This is because the body is still new to the substance. Just a little amount of that particular substance is enough to get them high.

Subsequently, the body begins to get used to the substance. As a result of this, addicts begin to increase the amount of substance they take to get high.

In some cases, overdose can lead to death and other serious health issues. Indulging in intense substance abuse is one of the signs you are ready for addiction rehab.

Excess substance usage is one of the most common causes of death in addicts. But as long as treatment is in earnest, you can avoid fatality. Acting like you have it all together may hinder you from getting the treatment you need.

To Sum It Up

No addiction is worth your life. Here in this article, we discuss 5 signs you are ready for addiction rehab.  Delaying treatment can lead to health complications. The addiction can affect your life, career, relationships and mental health.

Still unsure of where to get the best professional addiction treatment? Addiction Rehab provides the best addiction treatment services. Check out our professional addiction treatment services today! Contact us today for a no-commitment consultation session.

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