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Addiction Recovery Checklist

Addiction Recovery Checklist for The New Year

Most people find it challenging to draw out an addiction recovery checklist for the new year. It becomes double harder when you have to deal with Christmas and New Year celebrations all around. However, going into the new year, it is important to prepare a checklist for your addiction recovery journey.

Typically, this is a list of things to help your recovery process in the new year. These things aim at keeping you busy and distracted from your addiction triggers. An example is building healthy habits.

You see, it is never enough to have a new year resolution for sobriety. It is better to back up your resolution with an addiction recovery checklist. And, we’ll show you just how to create one.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the concept of an addiction recovery checklist for the new year. For starters, here’s why you need an addiction recovery checklist for the new year.

Why You Need an Addiction Recovery Checklist For The New Year

Addiction Recovery Checklist For The New Year

Everyone makes a resolution at the start of every year. If you are getting addiction treatment in Ontario, the chances are high that you’ll also make sober resolutions for the new year. However, the timing may be challenging for some as there will be lots of celebrations before the new year.

On the contrary, recovery periods are meant to be quiet but engaging. Hence, most people do not find recovery easy during the celebration period. But, you can also use this time to create an addiction recovery checklist for the new year.

It’s a game plan for how you want to ensure sobriety all through the new year. Here’s why you need one of your own.

To Prevent Addiction Relapse

It is not uncommon to find people having relapses before achieving long term sobriety. In fact, at least 40% of people who have had total recovery from a substance suffer a relapse at some point. An addiction recovery checklist can help you avoid this probability.

It offers structure

With a checklist, you already have a predetermined way of doing things. You know the exercises you want to do as part of recovery. You know the support meetings you want to attend. This way, you reduce the chances of making overwhelming decisions at once.

To allow for easy management

Having an addiction recovery checklist for the new year does not only prevent relapses. It helps you manage your recovery process. You can decide at what pace you want to go and make specific

easy management

Addiction Recovery Checklist For the New Year: Here is what to Add

It is important to know what your addiction recovery checklist should entail. Below, we give you seven important factors that will be your basis for preparing for the new year and ensuring better addiction recovery management.

Recognize your triggers

Recognizing your triggers can help you plan towards avoiding them. Your triggers can be external, things, people, places or thoughts associated with cravings.

Similarly, addiction relapse triggers can exist internally, coming in the form of emotions, feelings or thoughts. Here are some common triggers for relapse:

  • Emotional distress
  • Stress
  • Relationship troubles
  • Job issues
  • People or places associated with addictive behaviour
  • Times of celebration
  • Overconfidence
  • Friends

Be accountable to someone

An effective way to prepare for the new year is to be accountable to someone. When preparing your addiction recovery checklist for the new year, be sure to identify a prospective addiction treatment sponsor. You can also check with them before the new year.

Often, we advise that you have the phone number of your therapist or sponsor just in case problems arise. You can easily get through to them and get the adequate help that you need during emergencies.

Also, informing close ones about your decision can be effective too. As you may not be able to avoid some relapse triggers on your own. It all balls down to being accountable to someone. This level of accountability can keep you in check.

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Build Healthy relationships

Building healthy relationships should always make your addiction recovery checklist for the new year. As you plan on cutting off bottles, drugs and certain places, you may need to cut off from friends too.

Most addicts have toxic relationships without even knowing it. After rehab, there is a need to cut off such relationships. The reason is not far fetched. The type of friends you keep can be triggers for addiction relapse.

It is why we advise you to cut off from relationships with a pattern of substance abuse. After doing this, make a positive effort to build healthier relationships. Also, you can join support groups that will help your recovery process.

healthy relationships

Build a well-structured schedule

A scattered schedule makes your mind unsettled and can slow down your recovery process. For effective addiction recovery, we advise you to stick to a well-structured short or long term schedule.

For instance, your short term schedule can include you leaving early for work. Your long term schedule may be you visiting the gym regularly or taking courses. Whichever you may choose, ensure you have a well-structured timetable that will help your recovery process.

Rebuild your finances

It is not uncommon to find addicts who have financial issues even after going through rehab. They may even be issues handling money and staying employed. If this is your case, there are baby steps that will help your finances get back in order.

Start by registering at an addiction treatment centre in Ontario. The best addiction recovery programs offer an extensive range of services, each one designed to help you develop essential skills for sobriety in the outside world. One of these essential skills is financial management.

Cultivate healthy habits

Apart from helping you gain independence from addictive substances, professional addiction rehab helps you cultivate healthy new habits. New habits like reading, yoga and meditation. These new habits will help you in your recovery process both in rehab and outside.

Here are some new habits to add to your addiction recovery checklist for the new year:

  • Eat regularly, and balanced meals
  • Engage more in recreational activities
  • Practice relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation
  • Read more inspirational books
  • Engage in fun activities
  • Get quality sleep

Cultivate healthy habits

Know when to leave

Ensure you add this particular one to your checklist as it is very vital. Knowing when to leave may just be your saving grace when the urge to drink or use is too much.

For some people, seeing people drink is a trigger. For others, smelling alcohol is a trigger. Unavoidably, you will get to see more of these in the celebration period in the new year. However, once you begin to feel the urge to drink, ensure that you leave the place immediately.

Another strategy is to tell close friends about your decision. This way, they can help you stay on the lookout during parties.

Final Verdict

The need to have an addiction recovery checklist for the new year cannot be overemphasized. An addiction recovery checklist will allow for easy management and help you prevent addiction relapse. Also, it helps you to cultivate healthy habits on your way to long term sobriety.

In this article, we discuss how to better prepare for the new year. Finally, we explore what an addiction recovery checklist for the new year should look like. With the information above, you should be able to create an effective addiction recovery checklist for the new year.

Or maybe you need professional help with addiction treatment and recovery this year. Addiction Rehab can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss with a certified addiction treatment expert today!

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