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addiction rehab toronto webinar two

Addiction Rehab Toronto Webinar #2 – Signs of Addiction

Join Alexandra our Clinical Director have a conversation with Iggy and Ria to discuss the first steps to getting help with the struggles of addiction

Ignazio, our Sober Living Clinical Director known as Iggy has been in the Addiction field for over 7 years.

In 2011 he decided to get his addiction counsellor diploma, with that he was able to do his intern at Renascent where they ended up hiring him full time. Iggy was a great asset to the team; but his 4 years had come to an end when he was asked to be the house manager of a sober living house in North York.

This was a great learning experience where he learned about transitional housing and how important it is for long term sobriety. Building relationships and seeing growth in the clients that lived their was very uplifting and inspiring for him. He loves to see people change and evolve into the stars they were always meant to be.

Ria is a registered psychotherapist who has been working in the field for almost 7 years. She brings knowledge from working with those who have concurrent disorders, behavioural and substance addictions. She has extensive experience working with mandated clients, facilitating anger management and relapse prevention for both men and women. She has a solid skillset to work with those who have involvement within the legal system, and she has experience working with marginalized populations. By using a holistic, client centered approach, her clients explore changing problematic behaviours, thoughts and feelings by uncovering their unconscious meanings and intentions.