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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoyable Activities for Recovering Addicts: How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many activities for recovering addicts to try. Recovering from being a drug addict is a very difficult stage. There will be a lot of things that can happen especially if you are still experiencing cravings for the drug.

And some addicts may also experience painful withdrawal symptoms. One best option is to find activities like yoga that will help them feel better during their recovering stage.

Before, when a drug addict is still under the influence of drugs, the only thing they wanted to do is use the drugs and get high to feel the unique sensation that it can provide. They have forgotten their hobbies and were focused on consuming drugs. But once they’re free from the drug use and already on the stage of recovery, it is time to find hobbies and other healthy things to do.

Joining a health-conscious and fun activity will be a big help for recovering addicts. The point here is that they need to do something new to use all their time and forget about using drugs again. And there are a lot of things that recovering addicts can try. Let’s take a look at some of the activities for recovering addicts to enjoy.

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Recovering from being a drug addict

Learning to Play Musical Instruments

Knowing to play musical instruments can provide recovering addicts many benefits. It will enhance their memory, meet new friends in music classes, and it can also build confidence. Music will help addicts feel calm since music can connect to our emotions. If the music is soft and soothing, it will give a relaxation effect to the mind. It can also positively affect blood flow and the heart rate of the individual.

Learning to play music can also give a sense of fulfillment. Practicing a musical instrument may not be easy. It needs a lot of time and concentration. But if you learn to play a musical instrument well, it will provide a sense of pride to yourself. And learning a musical instrument will also teach you to be patient. It can provide a chance for you to appreciate that with passion, everything is possible.

Joining a Team Sport

Being in a team sport will keep you busy practicing with your team. You get to adapt to the team’s chemistry and learn about cooperation and teamwork. It is important if you are still recovering from addiction. Since most of your time in the past was spent using drugs, now you get to do something fun and healthy. You will be working out and meeting new people. You can learn about the different techniques on how to play better.

Being in a team sport, you need to think as one and work with the team towards the common goal which is to win or at least play as best as you can. Because of this, you are more busy working with your teammates than thinking about going back to your bad habits. The good thing about joining a team sport is that you will develop a new set of skills that you can apply in the real world.

Start Writing Stories

Writing stories improves the creativity of the person and can also develop their imagination. Similar to meditation, writing is very good for brain enhancement especially if you were addicted to drugs for a long time. It will let you see life differently since you will be also reading other stories. You will also help other drug addicts by sharing how you survived.

Through writing, you will have a chance to tell your life story to everyone. You can also write fun stories which will entertain many people. You don’t have to write for an audience. What you can do is simply write for yourself. Start by writing in your journal. Write about your day to day life and how you’re dealing with your addiction recovery. Writing can be one of the activities for recovering addicts who want to reflect on their lives and work on making it better.

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Start Writing Stories

Learn to Paint and Draw

One of the best activities for recovering addicts is to learn painting and drawing. Both painting and drawing will improve their creativity and imagination at the same time. It will also help improve their memory and learn about expressing what they feel using their drawings. You don’t need to be artistic or talented to draw or paint. You only need to be willing to try it.

As you develop the skills to express yourself through drawings and paintings, you will also feel a sense of freedom. You can do anything you want in your drawings and paintings without any limitations. You can paint or draw at any time you want. There are many materials that you can use to express yourself. As one of the activities for recovering addicts, drawing or painting will surely take your mind off from using drugs.

Try Gardening

Gardening one of the simplest and most accessible activities for recovering addicts. There are a lot of reasons why gardening is the best fit for those people who are in the stage of recovery from addiction. It can reduce the risk of getting sick because, with gardening, you are moving constantly. It can help burn a lot of calories and keep you fit. The best thing about gardening is it can be a stress reliever as well.

One of the effects of being addicted to drugs is the weakening of the immune system. But the good thing about gardening is that you will be exposed to sunlight. It means your body will absorb a lot of vitamin D. You will also learn to be responsible when gardening since plants need your care to be able to grow beautifully.

Individual or Group Yoga

Exercises, dance classes, sports camps, group fitness, and workouts are gaining strength worldwide because of the positive effects it provides to individuals. Doing activities as a group, especially in yoga, have certain motivating factors due to the group atmosphere.

While individual yoga sessions may prove to be useful for some individuals, group sessions may also suit others better. It is because of its effectivity in helping you immerse yourself in the group. You can meet people and gain new friends in the process. Let’s learn more about yoga and its benefits as one of the activities for recovering addicts.

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Essential Facts About Yoga

Developing harmony in your body, environment, and mind through systematic techniques of breath control, diet control, physical exercise, and relaxation is what yoga is all about. The results of doing such systematic techniques can help an individual meditate to enhance and strengthen their positive thinking.

There are a lot of misconceptions about doing yoga activities. Several people think that doing yoga can only do so much to help a person become more flexible and to strengthen their self-control. However, yoga involves so much more than just familiarizing and becoming an expert with yoga positions and being flexible with physical poses.

Essential Facts About Yoga

Primary Goal of Yoga

The application of yoga techniques in health promotion programs and substance abuse treatment programs is one of the safest and most effective ways to strengthen your well-being. As a result, medical experts have been using yoga as a complementary treatment for diseases such as cancer, HIV or AIDS, depression, anxiety disorders, and coronary heart disease.

Coined from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to join’ or ‘to unite,’ yoga is all about the union of the consciousness in mind with the organ systems in the body. Philosophically, yoga helps bring you to a state of serenity or calmness by uniting your body, mind, and soul. As a result, you’ll have better mental control, physical health, and self-realization.

Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment should focus on the overall elements of an individual, particularly their mind, body, and spirit. Addiction to illicit drugs and alcohol can have a significant impact on you mentally and physically. By doing yoga, it can be one of the most effective holistic services that can cover major components of your well-being.

One of the most obvious benefits of utilizing yoga for addiction treatment is that an individual doesn’t have to be an expert on the techniques and practices to take part in yoga. In addition to that, individuals don’t have to have fitness requirements talent, ability, or a specific body type to participate.

Another benefit of yoga that’s similar to other addiction treatments is that the teachers will be able to adjust the techniques for individuals to be comfortable with the process. Teachers can help the drug or alcohol addict by allowing them to get through the process of the techniques and practices at their own pace.

The difference between Individual and Group Yoga

Individual yoga or private yoga sessions aren’t technically a yoga class with only one person. One of the key differences between individual yoga and group yoga is that individual yoga has its own rules and structure that make it an entirely different entity from group yoga.

In group yoga, however, one of the main effects it can provide to an individual while utilizing the techniques and practices of yoga is building a sense of camaraderie. Having a sense of camaraderie can provide you with enhanced motivation and confidence due to the opportunity to work and socialize with others who share the same reason and experience as you.

For you to know the main differences between individual and group yoga, here are the key levels that differentiate the two.

  • Goal Setting. The amount of attention and focus is given to the individual’s goals
  • Choice of Practices. The amount of care and concentration is given to the individual’s likes, needs, and wants.
  • Teacher-Student Interaction. The number of practices utilized depending on the feedback of the individual.
  • Home Practice. The number of hours the individual can utilize the practices on their own.
  • Variety. The number of changes and improvement that occurs from each session.
  • Length. The number of hours it’ll take for the yoga session.

Choosing Between Group or Individual Yoga

The goal-setting of an individual in yoga sessions will vary in private and group sessions. Yoga teachers will be aware of your goals. They can help you with the physical problems that you’ve gained from the withdrawal symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction. Your goal of attending yoga sessions is to improve yourself at your own pace with the methods that you’re comfortable with.

In group yoga, you won’t be able to set your goals because the yoga teacher will have to set the intention for everyone in the class. Setting the goals for everyone in the class would mean that everyone will have to be comfortable with the pacing, techniques, and practices. Thus, you won’t be able to set a more advanced pace for yourself to meet your goals effectively. In group yoga sessions, the teacher will also not be able to help and prioritize your goals.

Individual yoga can have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. One of the main benefits is that you’ll be able to meet the goals you intended to achieve. One of the drawbacks is that you won’t feel as motivated or confident because there’s no healthy competition that’ll make you push yourself further.

However, in group yoga sessions, you’ll be able to socialize with others who share similar problems as well as interests. It will let you push yourself further to make yourself feel like you’ve achieved more. However, the pacing and the techniques won’t fit your level because the teacher will have to adjust them so that the general purpose and goals of everyone attending the session can be addressed.

Whatever type of session you choose for yoga, it will be beneficial for you. You will have a chance to work out and practice techniques that will improve your mental and physical well-being. What you have to consider is what arrangement you will be comfortable with.

Can Yoga Help in Addiction Recovery?


These are enjoyable activities for recovering addicts. There are a lot more activities that you can discover and try for yourself. What’s important is that you get to find something that you will enjoy. You will surely learn a lot from the different classes that you will be attending.

Remember that the first goal is for you to find an activity that will help get your mind off from doing drugs. But of course, don’t forget to have fun in the process. For more info, call Addiction Rehab Toronto today!