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addiction care in canada

Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada

Taking the step to get help for an addiction to alcohol or other drugs can be a life-altering decision. It is essential for people struggling with this condition to know that recovery is achievable and sustainable.  Sobriety is in sight with the proper treatment.

Like other chronic health conditions, the treatment of addiction requires care and support, so it is critical to seek aid from a professional with skills and expertise in treating substance use disorders. In Canada, there is a wide range of options for care. There are many things to look for and questions to ask when choosing the right addiction treatment.

What works for one person may not work for another. The key is to ask the right questions when seeking services and supports, and to make the choices and decisions that are best for you. Don’t wait to get started. There is a drug and alcohol rehab centre that is a good fit.

Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex condition characterized by uncontrolled use of a substance despite harmful consequences. People with SUD have an intense focus on using a certain substance(s) such as alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs, to the point where the person’s ability to function in day-to-day life becomes impaired.

People keep using the substance even when they know it will cause problems. They are drawn to the intoxicating effects such as intense pleasure, euphoria, calm, and a heightened sense of awareness.

Individuals suffering from addiction may have distorted thinking and behaviours. Changes in the brain’s structure and function cause people to have intense cravings, shifts in personality, abnormal movements, and other effects. Brain imaging studies show changes in the areas of the brain that relate to judgment, decision making, learning, memory, and emotional regulation. These changes can last long after the immediate effects of the substance have worn off.

Addiction Treatment

Once the choice is made to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, individuals need to choose a rehab program that will meet their unique needs and circumstances. With thousands of addiction treatment facilities across Canada, patients can be confident that there is a provider who will help them make the journey to a successful recovery.

Medical professionals and addiction specialists in most private facilities design individualized plans that include medications to help with quitting the substance (detoxing), therapy, group counselling, and wellness activities. Even a lot of publicly funded facilities offer some degree of customization. This personalized approach has been shown to be the most effective way of treating substance use disorders.

It is essential to consider a variety of factors and conduct extensive research before choosing your addiction treatment centre. Experts know that selecting the right care will increase the likelihood of completing the program successfully and maintaining sobriety in the future.

Clients and their families should educate themselves on what to look for in a program. This can save time and money. When there is a clear vision about the addiction treatment, it is important to communicate it clearly to the potential rehab provider.

Public Vs. Private Rehab

public vs private rehab

In Canada, people can decide whether to choose a private centre or a publically funded one. There are several government-run addiction treatment programs that are free for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. These facilities offer many of the same services like medical detox, medications, group counselling and therapy.

Private treatment typically lasts longer – usually for a period of several months. They also have a more comprehensive aftercare program, which helps in maintaining long-term sobriety.  If there is a relapse, clients can usually re-enter.  The key advantage that private care has over publically funded addiction treatment is that there is virtually no waiting period. Public facilities may carry wait-lists of up to six months.

There are many options out there, including financing programs that are available for many private rehab centres. The cost may also be covered by your medical insurance. Whatever the choice – public or private – it is critical to get treatment immediately.  Addiction ruins lives and can even be fatal.

Ask the Right Questions

In choosing the most appropriate drug and alcohol rehab centre there are several factors to consider. The patient needs to think about what their goals are for addiction treatment. For example, if an individual has a co-occurring mental health disorder like anxiety, that needs to be addressed. Someone with a dual diagnosis should seek a treatment program that offers both substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Counselling and therapy are a crucial component of treatment. It is important to ask about this. What kinds of counseling are offered and what is the focus? Is the therapy tailored to the individual? For example, if the patient has problems with personal relationships because of the addiction, can that be addressed in a family therapy setting?

Ask the drug and alcohol rehab provider what they consider to be a successful treatment. Do they feel that someone who completes a 30-day program is “cured”, or is success measured by the individual staying sober after completing the program? Find out if there is an individualized aftercare plan that continues after the initial treatment time.

How does the centre choose its staff and what type of healthcare professionals do they provide? The quality of addiction treatment is directly related to the intervention by medical professionals and addiction specialists. The rehab centre should have counselors, therapists, physicians, and nurses to facilitate a successful recovery. Culturally appropriate treatment should also be offered to Indigenous clients.

What does a typical day look like in addiction treatment? How much of the program will take place at the centre as an inpatient (staying overnight) and how much as an outpatient (in a day program)? Some people need the intense focus of an inpatient program; others can be effectively treated in an outpatient program. Some people can benefit from a combination of the two.

Doing the Research

Whether you found your potential rehab options from doing your own research or by contacting a treatment provider, it is important to do a thorough investigation on each one. Programs differ by the level of care given, how long treatment lasts, and how intensive and structured the plan is.

Most of this information will be available on websites and other promotional material, but it may be necessary to call and ask the facility directly for additional information. Patients can decide which rehab facility will best meet their needs based on this investigation.

Government agencies in Canada take an active role in healthcare. One example of how they do this is by promoting awareness of addiction and the need to seek treatment. This can be an impartial place to start investigating the qualities of good centres.

Getting Started

Choosing a rehabilitation program is a personal and very important decision. When an individual is prepared with the correct background information and the knowledge of their needs and goals, it is much easier to find the right program.

Addiction Rehab Toronto offers personalized addiction treatment programs that are run by a wide spectrum of professionals. Our services include individual and group therapy, family counseling, exercise and nutrition counseling, life skills coaching and much more. For information about our treatment programs, call us today.