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Teen Drug Addiction: Reasons Why They Do Drugs

Teen Drug Addiction: Reasons Why They Do Drugs

Teen drug addiction is a growing problem in our society today. The teenage years are most often the time when many of us explore and also learn more about ourselves. Among the things that teenagers experiment with are illicit substances.

There are many reasons why teens engage in dangerous activities like doing drugs. If you are a parent and you suspect that your child is experimenting with drugs, this article will help you understand why they do so. It will also help you address the issue so that your child can get the help he or she needs.

Why do Teens Experiment with Drugs?

A normal part of the teenage years is testing one’s boundaries and doing risky things. Most of these things are harmless such as trying out a new fashion style or hairdo. However, some teens do something riskier such as experimenting with drugs. Here are some of the reasons why teenagers could start doing illicit substances:

Peer Pressure

Teens tend to look for a sense of belongingness. They want to join groups and some of these groups are good influences. However, there are also groups that engage in activities that may not positively affect your child. Teen drug addiction often begins with peer pressure.

If your child wants to join a group to look and feel that they belong, they may experience peer pressure to do things. Peer pressure is among the top reasons why your child could be experimenting with drugs.

It would be best if you get to know who your child’s friends are. It is to ensure that he or she is among good company. Also, communicating with your child about problems with peer pressure can help. Give assurance to your child that he or she does not need to do anything against his or her will just to feel that they belong.


Teenagers can get very curious about many things. Instead of letting them explore and find things out for yourself, it would be best if you have open communication with them. Talk to your child about what they think about smoking, drinking, or doing drugs. It will allow you to have an insight into their thoughts. Open communication between parent and child can greatly help in preventing teen drug addiction.

It doesn’t have to be a scary serious talk that your child would feel intimidated. If you’re watching television or a movie and a scene that has something to do with drugs comes up, that could be your entry point to a conversation. Ask them if they ever feel curious about how it feels like to take drugs and be “high.” You can then explain to them the different effects of drugs on the body and why it’s bad.

Teen Drug Addiction

To Deal with Problems

Your child may be going through a tough time. The teenage years can be very challenging for our children. So many things are changing physically, mentally, and emotionally. They may have anxiety or depression and you may not know it. And because they don’t fully understand what they’re going through, they may try to address the problems themselves by doing drugs. This kind of behaviour can lead to teen drug addiction.

If this is the case, you need to be observant of the behaviour of your child. Have they been isolating themselves lately? Are they trying to avoid interactions? Are they going out of the house more often and not saying where they’re going?

As parents, you want to protect your child. But remember not to overwhelm them with questions as if you’re interrogating them. You’d want your child to be able to open up to you if they’re having problems. Be as gentle as you can. Be understanding of their situation. And most of all, listen to what they have to say and try not to dismiss it.

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How Parents Can Talk to their Child About Drugs

Talking to our children about drugs may seem challenging. We often ask ourselves, “where do we start?” As parents, we have to confront discomforts such as talks about drugs so that we can be sure that our children are well-informed about it. If they know the bad effects that drugs can have on their health as well as in their lives, they are more likely to avoid it. That is why talking to your children about illegal substances is still very important. Here are some ways that you can do it effectively.

Confronting the Problem

If you’ve caught your teenager with drugs or if you suspect that they’re using illicit substances, then you shouldn’t wait to act on it. While many people do experiment with drugs during their teenage years and then quit later on but a huge number end up as addicts. You wouldn’t want your child to ruin his or her future because of drugs.

Early intervention can save your child from addiction. Even if your child is using legal substances like cigarettes and alcohol, it is still something that you have to address. The use of such substances can lead to your child using stronger and more dangerous drugs. Don’t wait for things to get serious or else the consequences may be hard to change.

Cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana may seem like harmless substances compared to cocaine and heroin. But the three mentioned can lead a child to experiment with hard drugs. That is something that we, as parents, want our children to avoid.

Drug use may start out because of curiosity but once the teenager gets hooked, it will become more difficult for them to stop using drugs. Take the matter seriously if you’ve caught your teen with addictive substances and seek help for your child.

Start Educating Your Children While They are Young

The best way to combat teen drug addiction is for parents to start talking to their children while they’re young. Parents should ideally be able to talk to the kids about drugs before they even have the chance to use it. So, don’t wait for your child to reach high school before educating them about drugs. It’s best to start early.

Find the opportunity to have a conversation with your child about the effects of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Give them the right information about it before they are misinformed by their peers. Today, there are so many useful resources on the internet about what drugs can do to the body. Parents can make use of these to better convey the information to their children.

Set Boundaries and Make Your Expectations Clear

Many teenagers already know that their parents will react negatively if they find out that they’re doing drugs. However, some teens push the limits and boundaries of what’s allowed. It’s vital for parents to make it clear to their children that they do not approve of drug use. Even if it sounds obvious already, it’s important for parents to state why they don’t want their children to experiment with drugs. Tell your child what you expect from them and how they ought to act when it comes to drug use.

Parents also need to set rules. These rules are things that the kids must follow. If they break any rule, then there will be corresponding consequences. Couples need to be consistent when implementing these rules. So, before talking to your child about it, it is best if you and your partner talk about it first. The two of you should be on the same page about this. Once you’ve come to an agreement about the rules and consequences, then you can make it official and talk to your child about it.

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

Preventing teen drug addiction can start without ever having to mention drugs. If you think about it, drug use stems from the root cause which is attempting to cope with stress. Take the time to talk to your child about what causes them to feel anxious and stressed out. You can then teach them different methods on how they can cope with it in healthy ways.

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

Teens often turn to drugs to self-medicate and to soothe negative feelings. The teenage years can be difficult because there are so many changes happening to them. They may find it difficult to manage their feelings and emotions. As a family, provide your children with emotional support. Make it clear to them that you are there for them and they don’t have to be alone in facing any problems they may have.


Teen drug addiction can be prevented. The help and support of parents to their teens is a big factor in preventing drug use among teenagers. When talking to your child, remember to have open communication with them. It means you as parents also need to give them the opportunity to talk. Actively listen to what they have to say.

If you ever feel that you need help with your child especially if they have started to experiment with drugs, it would be best to talk to an expert in drug addiction treatment. A therapist can assist you in the next steps of the process. They are also equipped with the knowledge and experience to help your child to get rid of the bad habit.

We at Addiction Rehab Toronto are here to help you beat teen drug addiction. We’re just a call away.

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