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youth struggling with addiction

What Options Are Available for Oakville Youth Struggling with Addiction?

Addiction is slowly becoming a menace to the youths in Oakville and Canada in general. Young adults now rely on substances like alcohol and other drugs to go about their regular days.

According to the Ontario Government, about 30% of citizens will experience an addiction or mental health problem at some point in their most cases, it occurs during their young adult years. When this happens, it’s important to take proper steps to ensure you get drug addiction treatment.

If you need help with drug addiction, this article discusses treatment options for youths struggling with addiction. Here, we discuss how you can access free drug addiction treatment and the benefits of drug rehab.

AddictionTreatment Options in Oakville

When looking for help with drug addiction, you must first note that your case is unique. The addiction option you’ll choose will depend on — your genes, the substance abused, and the level of addiction.

Here are some of the treatment options for any youth struggling with addiction;

Outpatient or Inpatient Treatment

The ideal way to be free from drug addiction is to visit a professional for assessment and treatment. Standard drug rehab in Oakville offers these two treatment methods;

  • The inpatient rehab:  In this situation, you’ll stay within the medical facility briefly, especially during detoxification. The doctor would prefer to watch you closely to avoid any extreme withdrawal reactions.
  • The outpatient rehab: This case means you’ll visit the hospital on appointments but get your treatment mainly at home. Your family members must keep an eye on you and make progress reports.

Most standard facilities offer more flexible treatment options to strike a balance between addiction treatment and family interaction.

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inpatient rehab

Behavioural Therapy

Addiction to substances involves profound alterations in brain function. Consequently, therapy is indispensable.

Therapy encompasses a range of approaches, each targeting distinct aspects of addiction. The selection of treatment options hinges on the extent of damage caused by the addiction.

For instance, while one individual may require behavioural therapy to restore cognitive function and promote healthy coping mechanisms, another may benefit from treatment focused on rebuilding social skills and interpersonal connections. Though both are forms of therapy, their objectives differ based on the individual’s unique needs.

Behavioural therapy can be administered individually or in group settings, tailored to the severity of the addiction. It is particularly beneficial for individuals facing severe addiction, offering structured support and strategies for recovery.


Most treatment options for youth struggling with addiction will always involve medications. Quitting addiction always brings about withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable for the patient.

These symptoms vary — depending on the substance. As such, the youth will need drugs to combat these symptoms. Drugs like acamprosate and naltrexone fall under the category.

Relapse Counselling

Relapse is one of the most common issues with addiction recovery. According to a 2022 paper by Nahla El Sayed and other authors, the percentage of inpatient and outpatient relapse cases was 45.33% and 56%, respectively.

So, youth will likely get back to the substance — especially when not closely watched. Some addiction rehabs in Oakville offer counselling to avoid a relapse after treatment.

Public Options for Drug Addiction

Oakville is in Ontario, and the place has some free drug addiction treatment options;

  • Ontario Structured Psychotherapy program
  • ConnexOntario. This is largely an online therapy, with presence only through email, online chat, and toll-free calls.

Is there Financial Assistance for Drug Addiction?

Drug rehabilitation can be expensive, running into thousands of dollars in total, thereby affecting your finances. As such, they can’t always afford rehab except with a supportive family and the government.

In 2022, the Canadian government pledged $ 15 million to addiction through Health Canada. They termed it the Substance Use and Addictions Program. The idea is to support non profit addiction organizations like;

In turn, these bodies offer free drug addiction treatment to patients.

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financial assistance for drug addiction

Addiction Treatment in Oakville

Drug addiction can be expensive, requiring you to seek financial assistance to get treatment. With public options for drug addiction treatment, you can live a life free of addiction.

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we offer complete drug addiction treatment for youths struggling with substance use. We can help you begin your recovery journey with our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Call us at 1-855-787-2424 to make an appointment to discuss addiction treatment programs and make the right choice.

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