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Cocaine Addiction Rehab Cost in Canada

How Much Does Cocaine Addiction Rehab Cost in Canada?

What is the cost of Cocaine rehab?

Cocaine addiction treatment cost has increased over the past few years. This is mostly due to an increase in the number of people looking to get addiction treatment. It’s also a function of advancements in current cocaine addiction treatment methods.

Cocaine addiction is challenging for anyone who has it. It damages your health and relationships. If you do not address it, cocaine addiction can take a toll on your finances and make you more socially unacceptable.

You may have unsuccessfully tried to quit using cocaine. If this is the case with you, the chances are high that you’re addicted. To address addiction, you’ll have to do more than try.

You’ll need to be deliberate. The best way to do that is by getting professional addiction treatment. Thankfully, there are several rehab centres you can get help from. But you’ll need to know the cost of cocaine addiction treatment first. This is where we come in!

Cocaine rehab treatment cost

Cocaine rehab treatment involves the use of various evidence-based approaches to help patients address addiction issues. Professionals are in charge of the process from start to finish to ensure you receive adequate medical care.

Typically, cocaine addiction treatment takes place within a controlled facility to ensure full monitoring of patients. Although this is a situation that adds to cocaine addiction treatment costs in Toronto, it’s a necessary one.

Patients will be in an environment that supports them through the withdrawal period. The environment also prevents relapsing and ensures you abstain from the use of the substance. The withdrawal process for cocaine can come with severe health symptoms. This is why rehab is the perfect place to go through it.

Overall, cocaine rehab aims to help you address the habits that cause you to use cocaine. By addressing the major habits, the addiction goes away, and you get to lead a drug-free life. At the end of your rehab, you should have your life back.

There is no way to get an accurate cocaine addiction treatment cost until the rehab centre provides a quote after an initial consultation. As such, the discussion on the price of cocaine addiction treatment is best analyzed in ranges. That is, we will discuss the likely costs you’ll incur depending on the kind of program you’re going for.

Cocaine rehab programs in Toronto can range from as low as $3000 to as high as $100000. It all depends on the quality of the program and the surrounding factors of your health condition.

The actual cost will always depend on your unique circumstances. Some patients require intensive care while others don’t. Factors like this will influence the eventual cost.

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Cost of Inpatient and outpatient cocaine rehab

There are two major forms of treatment you can go for. You can either choose the inpatient or the outpatient program. However, the choice is not entirely yours. Often, it is for an expert to examine your needs and determine whether you need intensive care.

Where you require intensive professional care, you’ll be advised to go with inpatient addiction treatment. However, where your case is a fair one, you can make do with the outpatient program.

As you may already know, the inpatient program is costlier than the outpatient one. For this program, the clinic will take you in and provide for your needs, including feeding and accommodation. The inpatient program is a fully immersive one where the cocaine rehab centre takes full charge from start to finish.

This is especially necessary for patients trying to overcome long-term addiction. Also, if you have unsuccessfully used the outpatient program, inpatient is often the next step towards a drug-free life. It’s also the perfect alternative if you’re in an environment containing other drug abusers.

However, for all the quality that comes with the program, it’s at the very least twice as expensive as the regular outpatient cocaine addiction treatment cost in Toronto. Often, an inpatient program will take up to 120 days for effectiveness. The cost for this can range between $12000 and $60000.

On the other hand, an outpatient program in Toronto doesn’t require a full clinic approach. The clinic doesn’t take you in and, as such, doesn’t have to bear the cost for your feeding, accommodation, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

This program allows patients to live in their homes and pay regular visits to the clinic. The visits are mandatory, as it allows the doctors to check your condition and determine whether you’ve been relapsing.

For someone who doesn’t have intense addiction issues, this is a perfect alternative to cut costs. The pricing models for cocaine rehab in Toronto put outpatient programs are more affordable. For the 30-day period, this program can go as low as $5000. This is highly affordable in comparison to inpatient programs.

cocain help

Program length cost

How much cocaine rehab costs in Toronto is a function of how long your cocaine rehab is. The length for inpatient programs can go from 30 days up to 180 days.

Inpatient programs usually have an extended timeline. The 30-day one is referred to as a short-term program. The major difference between the lengths of programs is that the treatment gets to be more intensive over longer periods.

For shorter plans, experts will condense the treatment into the available time frame. This may reduce the effectiveness of cocaine addiction treatment. Also, with inpatient programs, the entirety of your time takes place within a specific facility.

However, if you go for an outpatient program, the treatment will take place across different facilities. That is, the detox will take place in a different place while therapy will happen in another. Here, cocaine addiction therapy in Toronto can take up to 90 days or more before completion.

Of course, the more time you spend in rehab, the higher the cost of your cocaine addiction treatment. However, you should spend as much time as is necessary.

This ensures you receive comprehensive treatment spread across a reasonable period. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse advises that 90 days is the minimum timeline for effective rehab.

Staff determine cost

The professional qualifications of the clinic staff will determine your cocaine addiction treatment cost. For a clinic with licensed doctors and nurses who provide comprehensive medical care, you can expect the price to be high.

Similarly, certain clinics specialize in helping addicted individuals with mental disorders. These kinds of addiction rehab centres in Toronto will charge even higher than others. The same thing applies to both inpatient and outpatient programs. An addiction treatment service that offers a fully licensed psychologist for its outpatient program will be costlier than one which uses an addiction counsellor in Toronto.

Cost based on luxuries and amenities

Some cocaine rehab centres in Toronto seek to provide a fully convenient environment to support your recovery process. Since the clinic removes you from your regular environment, it provides certain amenities as well as luxuries that can help you have a good time during your program.

The gap between a basic Toronto rehab centre and a luxurious one can be quite high. This is because the two approach luxury and amenities differently. While a basic clinic can cost $5000 per month, a luxurious one can go as high as $100000. Some of the things you’ll find in a luxurious clinic include:

  • Yoga facilities
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Massage therapy
  • Private suites
  • Recreation centres.
  • Location

Where you’re getting your cocaine addiction treatment goes a long way in determining the cost. While small cities offer the treatment at low prices, larger cities will do the same at a higher price. The major decider here is the economic activity rate in the city. For a large city, there’s an influx of people in the city, improving the activity.

Say you find a more affordable treatment alternative in another city, this means you have to travel. Such travelling costs also add up to your total cocaine addiction treatment cost.

Other relevant costs to consider

is it worth it

A question people often ask is if the cost of cocaine addiction treatment is worth it. To answer this, it will be appropriate to consider the potential cost of addiction and other opportunity costs.

Addiction rehab may be expensive. However, the potential cost of not treating addiction is way higher. There’s an increase in the number of cocaine abusers, showing that substance abuse isn’t reducing. As such, if you are a cocaine addict in Toronto, you will continue to use the substance in the absence of help.

Besides, studies have shown that the cost of a drug overdose can be equal to rehab cost. For instance, the average cost for treating opioid overdose is $17000.

There are also legal costs that may arise from the use of cocaine. You can incur as high as $9000 if found wanting for this. There are also fines and lawyer fees that you’ll have to pay. Aside from this, the opportunity cost is also alarming. You can risk jail time and loss of jobs, both of which can cost you a lot more.

Ways you can afford rehab cost

Paying for rehab from your pocket can be challenging. Most people may not be able to afford the program at once. However, there are a few ways to go about it.

You may be able to explore your private insurance plan to pay for your rehab. Most of these plans have extensive coverage, including substance abuse treatment. So, start by contacting your insurance company to determine the coverage of your plan.

Following that, you’ll need to go for a professional assessment. The reason for this is to have a valid reason for insurance coverage. Your insurance provider may not pay your cocaine addiction treatment rehab cost in Toronto if you choose a rehab without getting an assessment.

After your assessment, the professional in charge will suggest addiction centres in Toronto based on your addiction needs.

You’ll also need to get a pre-approval. Before you commit to the Toronto addiction centre, ensure you get a pre-approval from your insurance company to pay for your cocaine addiction treatment cost.

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Final thoughts on cost

When you started this article, if your question was, “how much does cocaine addiction treatment cost?” you have your answers by now. Understand that the cost will always depend on your unique needs and the factors we describe above.

Also, always make plans beforehand to ensure you make smart financial decisions. Here at Addiction Rehab Toronto, we offer varied payment options that make it easier to cover the cost of cocaine addiction rehab in Toronto.