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Detox Centres Cost In Canada

How Much Do Drug Detox Centres Cost In Canada?

What is the cost of Drug Detox Centres in Canada?

Detoxification is an essential step towards addiction recovery and long-term sobriety. The cost of this process at different drug detox centres will vary depending on certain factors which we will explain in this blog. While detoxification can be a bit on the expensive side, it is a must-have for complete addiction recovery.

Withdrawal from substance abuse can be an overwhelming process. Many users find it extremely difficult as symptoms of the process include discomfort and pain. However, with a detox program, a team is in place monitoring your withdrawal process and making the environment safe for you. This team is a crucial component of drug detox centres, and their cost is something you should understand in detail.

In this article, we discuss the function of drug detox centres, how you should choose one, and what should inform your budget. Continue reading for more.

How To Choose A cost effective Drug Detox Centre

The quality and cost of addiction treatment services depend on the detox centre you’re working with. Choosing a drug detox centre is a process that requires some diligence. You see, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to addiction treatment.

Some of the essential factors that will inform your choice of detox centre are the severity of the addiction, age, gender, programs available in the centre, among others. As such, in the process of choosing your drug detox centre, you’ll need to consider the following questions.

Does the centre treat your kind of addiction?

The detoxification process for each substance is different. A detox program that will work for cocaine is not the same for alcohol. For instance, certain centres specialize in detox programs for addiction arising from prescription pain medications. In short, such a centre is not adequate for cocaine or alcohol addiction issues.

Each centre will indicate if they are specialized. With this insight, you can determine whether that’s the right detox centre for you not. In doing so, when you pay the cost of drug detox centres, you know you’re getting value treatment for your money.

You should also consider the qualifications of the staff. You’ll need to be diligent about your choices. Essentially, you’ll have to research the detox centre you’re looking to work with to be sure they are fit for you. You can get a list of detox and rehab centres in Canada through referrals or by surfing the internet.

Does the centre have the right accreditation?

Detox Centres Cost In Canada

Accreditation is a perfect way to determine the validity of a centre. Do not just start drug rehab with any centre without proof they have the resources and facilities to ensure a safe detox and withdrawal step. You have to consider whether the centre is accredited.

Check with the relevant authorities to see if the centre has been listed. Accredited centres will be listed in the directory. In doing so, you avoid the havoc that comes from working with incompetent centres that may even worsen your condition.

It is worth it?

Centres that have more staff members than patients are preferable. The ratio means that they can serve more patients. It also means that each patient gets to receive maximum attention during their program.

Authorities may place restrictions on certain centres to not have more than a particular number of patients. With addiction treatment services, there should be no shortcuts. With this restriction on the number of patients, relevant authorities like the Joint Commission can ensure a higher standard of treatments.

Centres with qualified staff and effective programs for addiction treatment services can offer quality services. While their drug rehab cost might be on the high side, it is worth it.

Pricing for drug detox centres

You have to check the pricing of the centres you’re considering. Various detox centres offer different prices depending on experience, rating and patient needs. As such, you’ll have to consider the drug rehab cost and see the one that falls within your budget.

Also, ensure you consider the programs which the centre has. The best centres have different programs, such as inpatient and outpatient detoxification processes. Knowing all this will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Drug Detox Centres Cost In Canada

The cost for many drug detox centres ranges between $5000 and $10, 000. Yet, this depends on the severity of your case and a few other factors. Therefore your unique case may come with pricing below $5000 or more than $10000.

Some of the factors that will influence the cost of drug detox centres are as follows.

  • Length of treatment: The sector centre will examine your condition to determine the period you’ll spend. The length of treatment, as well as the type, are two factors that will matter in pricing. If you’ll be staying for long, it comes with a commensurate hike in the cost of drug detox centres.
  • Number of personnel: The number of healthcare experts involved in your treatment also factors into the cost the drug detox centre will charge. For severe cases, there may be a need for more experts and monitoring.
  • The nature of the program: The program you’re going for is another factor that comes into play. Whether you will need an inpatient or outpatient program will influence the final pricing of the drug rehab.

Other factors here include:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Amenities in use
  • Whether the rehab has funding
  • The facility’s location
  • Whether there is a history of success with addiction recovery

Following the consideration of all these factors, the pricing might run into several thousands of dollars. It is no new that inpatient detoxification is more expensive than outpatient. The inpatient process offers a more intensive and comprehensive approach. It also involves the use of facilities much more than outpatient. As such, it is quite understandable that the pricing will be so.

We’ll shed some light on inpatient and outpatient detoxification programs here.

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Inpatient detox program cost

The cost of inpatient detox programs is high across drug detox centres. The treatment generally costs between $200 and $450 per day. This means that you might spend up to $6, 300 for a two week detox stay. It may also be more than that depending on your needs.

The pricing is high because it requires full hospitalization. You’ll have access to the facilities all through, and you’ll be monitored by the healthcare professionals all through your stay. The process is a fully immersive one that takes you in and takes over till you are done.

For individuals with severe addiction cases, an inpatient detox program is the best. Because for acute cases, withdrawal stages require monitoring, the inpatient treatment takes care of that. The hospital will also cater to your feeding needs. Finally, this form of addiction treatment provides a robust system that will support you all through your stay in rehab.

Now, you might wonder, “how much does drug detox eventually cost?” The truth is that this depends on the length of the treatment. Since payment is calculated per day, the longer you spend at the centre, the more costs you incur.

Some people may use about seven days for their entire detox treatment. If you fall into this group, it minimizes drug detox cost and places you on the affordable side of the treatment scale. However, some may have to use about a month before they are done with the detox procedure. The pricing for detox centres here might go up as far as $25, 000.

Yet, some people might have to go through the 90 days. This treatment will eventually amount to a price close to $60000. A good thing with many drug detox centres is that they now round up figures to help clients minimize costs. This makes it bearable to bear certain costs while still receiving the same quality level of treatment.

Outpatient detoxification program cost

Whether you will use an outpatient detoxification program should be based on your doctor’s recommendation. This is a smart treatment type that helps substance abusers get through recovery. It doesn’t require that you be present or monitored 24 hours.

However, this treatment type is not suitable for everyone. Your addiction treatment expert is in the best position to know. For acute cases, outpatient detoxification cannot be effective because there will be a monitoring gap. This will only lead to a counter-productive situation.

When certain factors are considered, the cost of outpatient treatment across drug detox centres can be between $1500 and $2000. This method is generally a flexible one, and detox centres often have cheap plans for it.

The monitoring method is also relaxed. You’ll have to check in with the clinic regularly. How often you visit the check-up centre will also inform the pricing the detox centre offers you.

Cost of drug treatment

Detox Cost In Canada


Drug treatment is important based on the symptoms you display during the withdrawal stage. The drug pricing for medical detox is averaged at $1000. A good context is provided for this pricing when considering the amount of drugs to be used by a heroin addict.

The addict will have to purchase a recommended methadone dosage for an extended period before the treatment is over. This will run into thousands of dollars, which is a lot.

Depending on the type of addiction, general pricing for medication therapy can range from $30 to $1000. The good news, however, is that the cost of helpful medication for detox is often paid through insurance, so you may not incur so much.

Some facilities include anxiety treatment as part of their procedures. This meant the facilities use benzodiazepines to help patients relieve feelings of anxiety. These drugs cost about $190. This can also go beyond this price. This also adds to the overall cost charged by drug detox centres.

Essentially, it is clear that the pricing method here is based on the client’s needs. The more factors the drug detox centre has to consider, the higher the cost. This makes it essential that you diligently look for a detox centre that fits your budget. Also, you should consider centres that make room for insurance.

Insurance and cost of medical detox

The cost of drug detox centres is not complete without examining insurance. Typically, insurance covers costs associated with health issues. Many insurance companies now have the responsibility to assist in addiction treatment. Drug addiction is considered a vital part of healthcare, so it falls within insurance coverage scope.

Generally, the coverage includes:

  • Addiction treatment.
  • Health aids for inpatient care.
  • Behavioural therapy.

You might then wonder what happens if you do not have insurance. Do not panic; there are ways around it. Firstly, there are free alternatives you can opt for, such as the Canadian Health Recovery Centre. However, you should know that many of these free centres offer limited coverage.

Other options include looking for grants and choosing centres that allow installment payment. You can also crowdfund to offset the costs of drug detox centres. You can use platforms such as Gofundme to solicit funds across the web.

Final analysis on cost

The cost of drug detox centres in Canada varies. Certain factors such as severity and length of treatment influence the pricing of the services. As such, you must look for centres that fall within your budget.

Also, speak with an addiction treatment expert to know the right kind of treatment you need. If your case is not acute, you might not need to go for the expensive inpatient treatment. Here at Addiction Rehab, we offer varied payment options to help you cover the cost of detox. Contact us to discuss your options today!

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