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cost of Meth addiction rehab

How Much Does Meth Addiction Rehab Cost in Canada?

What is the cost of meth rehab?

Searching for information on the cost to get rid of meth addiction? There are many ways to get rid of meth addiction in Toronto, and we daresay they are all cost-effective. Anything that helps to get your health and life back is well worth the cost. You only need to figure out what is best for you and what you can afford.

In discussing the cost of meth addiction in Toronto, it’s important to consider what happens without it. Constant meth abuse has negative effects on your health, work and personal life. All of these can have dire implications on your finances. Factor in the possibility of legal fees that come with meth abuse and you are looking at a truckload of expenses.

This is not to scare you into signing up for meth addiction treatment programs. Instead, we are looking to show why the cost of meth addiction is worth it.

Next up, are the numbers associated with meth rehab in Toronto. In this article, we will provide an overview of what it will cost you to get rid of meth addiction. We will talk about how you can also get treatment at prices you can afford. The goal is to get you healthy and help get your life back. Let’s achieve that goal together, shall we?

Meth addiction rehab cost?

Before considering the cost to get rid of your meth addiction, you need to prepare your mind for the hard work that lies ahead. Getting rid of your addiction will take you a lot of deliberate efforts, and some pain. You need to steel your mind in anticipation of all of these.

If you’re ready to take the next step to get rid of meth addiction, then let’s look at the cost. There is no specific cost for meth addiction treatment in Toronto.

How much it will cost you to treat meth addiction depends on a variety of factors. But the major factor will be the type of treatment you opt for.

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Types of rehab treatment for meth addiction and their costs

Most experts usually recommend the various types of meth addiction treatment programs depending on the severity of the addiction. But you can also go for whichever one you prefer and can afford. Below are some of the common types of meth addiction treatments available.

Detox cost

Most people don’t know this, but detox in itself can be a sufficient way to get rid of meth addiction. Detox or detoxification is the process of getting rid of the drug from your body. It also involves overcoming withdrawal effects which are the main causes of relapse.

Detox involves cleaning yourself up and starting afresh with the help and monitoring of a specialist. The detoxification process may involve the use of certain medications to flush out the drug remnants from the body. It is a healthy way to get rid of meth addiction in its early stages. Plus it is one of the cheapest and cost-effective ways to do it.

Most detox treatments usually take around 30 days to complete. The cost often ranges between $1,200 – $5,000 for a complete treatment program.

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Residential rehab treatment cost

Some people call the residential rehab treatment the in-patient rehab program. This type of meth addiction rehab in Toronto involves round-the-clock treatment for the patient until they are free of the addiction.

This means; you’re going to be staying at a designated place of rehab for the period of your treatment. This designated place may or may not be a hospital facility, but it will have the equipment and experts to take care of all of your needs.

We recommend residential treatment if your addiction to meth is extremely severe. During the period of admission, you will receive different forms of treatment and support. Most especially, the group therapy treatment which is good for people fighting addiction like you. Here you will receive support and even make friends of fighters like you for life.

There are two main categorizations under the residential or inpatient treatment program. They are the short-term in-patient treatment program and the long-term in-patient treatment program. The physicians will recommend which is best for you depending on how bad your addiction is.

  • The short-term in-patient program often involves a direct and intensive mode of treatment. The aim is to get you over your addiction as quickly as possible. So it often takes a duration of between 3-6 weeks. Depending on other factors, you may have to pay between $1800 to $5000 for short-term inpatient meth rehab programs in Toronto.
  • The long-term inpatient program takes a more progressive and thorough healing approach. It ensures you get rid of meth addiction gradually and thoroughly, it doesn’t involve any rush. During the 6 to 12 months period of treatment, you will learn to live without your addictions. Everything will be gradual, smooth, and will cost you between $2500 to $10,500 for each day of treatment.

Outpatient rehab treatment cost

This is another popular type of meth addiction rehab treatment program in Toronto. Some people think it’s the opposite of an in-patient program. But this is not really a game of comparison or what’s opposing what. We’re looking at cost-effective solutions to get rid of your meth addiction. Out-patient rehab is simply the solution for you if you can’t afford to spend time at an in-patient facility for your treatment.

Outpatient treatments are quite broad and vary a lot in categorization as well as the mode of treatment. However, they all share one thing; you do not require admission into a medical facility for your treatment. You can go about your daily activities while undergoing meth addiction rehab treatment. This is the best option for people who can’t take a break from personal obligations or quit their jobs for treatment.

The outpatient rehab program may adopt any of the elements of the other types of treatment. It may involve detoxing, use of medication and even group therapy. It all depends on the rehab clinic and the type of treatment your expert recommends.

The time frame will also depend on the recommendation of the doctor and how fast your condition improves. If the doctor determines that you’re okay before the end of the meth rehab program, they may end your treatment immediately. However. If the doctor determines you need further treatment after elapsing the initial duration, prepare for an extension.

The cost for this type of treatment varies depending on the facilities available. The average price for a 3-month rehab program is $5,000. This pricing can also climb up to double the average price at some facilities.

Partial Hospitalization treatment cost

This type of treatment is like a hybrid of the residential treatment program and the outpatient program. It involves the patient spending the daytime at the treatment facility. They can also go out during the evening and do other activities.

It is best for people who work night shifts at their place of work. This way, they can spend the whole day receiving treatment and the whole night distracting themselves with work. It is also good for people who for whatever reasons, cannot spend the nights at treatment facilities. You get to go back to rest in your home at the end of treatment each day.

For this type of meth addiction treatment, the pricing usually ranges between $1,159 to $4,500. It’s not really a huge cost to get rid of your meth addiction. And you don’t have to spend the entire time of treatment at the facility. You get to go home or wherever you like at the end of each day after treatment.

Private/ luxury rehab treatment cost

The level of luxury that comes with the treatment will also influence how much it will cost you. The level of sophistication of the facility, the staff and the equipment available will contribute a lot to the overall cost. You can expect facilities that provide a luxurious treatment to charge more.

These rehab centers may have facilities like pools, gyms as well as alternative therapies. All of these perks come at a price. It’s not a big deal if you can afford it as all of these facilities will also aid your recovery. So, it is a plus for you.

Depending on the luxury level and location of the facility, the price can be anything from $20,000 upwards for the duration of the treatment. But you can expect to get top-of-the-class treatment for your meth addiction. Imagine having your meth addiction treatment at a beach facility or someplace with a great mountain view. That’s what luxury gives you.

These are not all the factors that determine how much you will pay for a meth addiction treatment program. There are other factors such as the location of the facility, the type of medications for the treatment, and many more.

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How you can afford the cost of meth addiction rehab

We understand that you may have challenges affording the cost of your meth addiction treatment. Considering that the cost ranges in thousands of dollars, it can get overwhelming.

Don’t fret, we are invested in ensuring you get the treatment you need. That’s why we’ll show you ways through which you can easily afford the cost of your meth addiction treatment in Toronto.

Sliding scale payments

Sliding scale payments basically involves paying according to your financial status. In other words, you can pay only a portion of the payment that you can afford and get access to treatment. Then you can pay the outstanding fees when you can afford them.

Many facilities accept sliding scale payments. Applying for treatment at these facilities enables you access to treatment while paying whatever you have. Some treatment centers will also offer you financing plans and payback options. So it will be easier for you to pay back when you’re rid of the addiction.

Going for non-profit rehab

If you’re a low-income earner, you may be eligible for free or low-cost treatments that non-profit organizations provide. The requirements are strictly for low or zero-income earners who can’t afford their treatment costs. You can find these programs in religious organizations and some clinics that offer no insurance programs.

Applying for rehab scholarships

This is another viable option if you’re finding it difficult to pay the cost of your meth rehab treatment in Toronto. Rehab scholarships are aids that third-party organizations provide to people with addiction problems.

These aids will help to cover part or all of the costs to get rid of your meth addiction. They provide these scholarships on a case by case basis, so it also covers other addictions.

Going for state-funded rehabs

There are government-funded programs that cover various addiction issues. You can enroll at any of the government addiction treatment clinics. You will get the treatment you need to get rid of your meth addiction at little to no cost. It may not be the best, but it’s better than doing nothing.

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Final thought on cost

The cost to get rid of meth addiction can be as low as $2,000 in unique cases. If your history of meth abuse is recent and your doctor recommends out-patient treatment, you may even spend less than that on meth rehab fees.

Here at Addiction Rehab Toronto, we offer a treatment model that ticks all the essential boxes in terms of cost and effectiveness. Speak to our addiction treatment experts to discuss a meth addiction treatment plan that works for your wallet and more importantly, your health.